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Thanksgiving and COVID: advice by region

COVID-19 has many people wondering just how they’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Officials and health experts are weighing in, sometimes with advice for their specific city or province.

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    Really a good congregation…… usually , keeping Social Distancing formula is to be adopted in each and every time, and whenever getting break, " To sensitize to the sanitize" habits ….it should be a strict discipline in the walk of life, and wearing veils or mask in close conversation and amidst the cluster of people ( crowd gatherings)….
    This is the hygienic way to prevent such kind of viruses ( Corona too)…!!!

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    FallAutumn Calla Lily

    Have a happy Thanksgiving long weekend

  4. Avatar

    Whats next we are going to find out that Trump was born in Canada!

  5. Avatar

    Well these people said this virus wasn't a concern and to not wear masks, so I'm not listening to them.

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    This is doing more harm to people’s emotional, mental, and spiritual health than COVID 19 could ever possibly do to physical health. Why does no one ever talk about this? Please take steps to support your immune system, and make informed choices regarding all aspects of your life. More and more doctors are speaking out against these draconian measures, but are being censored. See Vernon Coleman channel on YouTube.We need to stop this insanity! Take care.💐

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    Liars and thieves. Thank you CBC for showing their faces, and yours.

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    Hang out with people who go to get tested and get a negative result and have your thanksgiving dinner

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    My body my choice.

  10. Avatar
    Dimitar Berbatov

    What's with the spooky music?

  11. Avatar

    This country is a joke.

  12. Avatar

    Wow it's almost like the virus spreads regardless of precaution

  13. Avatar

    Christmas should be fun.

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    All the nutters making idiotic comments. Big THANK YOU to all our health professionals and Happy Thanksgiving to Canada!

  16. Avatar

    It's easy to call for more restrictions when one has a safe job working comfortably from home.
    Make politicians & their allies live off the CRB and Covid would disappear instantly.

  17. Avatar

    Did Manitoba just not say anything?

  18. Avatar

    No Thanksgiving this year, but Halloween is still open kids.

    What a joke!

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    Let's do thousands of more tests and bring back the pandemic that never was. back on paper statistics, but not reality. add a few natural deaths 'with' positive test then shut down the country again. Make the sheep wear masks of abeyance to the Elite.

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