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Thailand: Protesters take to Bangkok streets despite warning

Tens of thousands of Thai protesters have been out on the streets for a fourth day, despite police shutting down major roads and public transport in the capital.
A ban on public gatherings and a crackdown on Friday failed to stop protesters, who are demanding new elections and reforms to the monarchy.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Cheng reports from Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. Avatar

    They want the King is under their feet.

  2. Avatar
    Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.

    Big news in Thailand, this is a very Common situation in democracy country once Thailand opposition party ,(A NAKOT MAI) been lost in 5 consecutive minor elections. The secret bullet for Thai opposition parties are  hiring young student leaders in universities to gather with RED SHIRT and ORANCE FLAG gangs to work on street performing an illegal protest to pull down the prime minister who elected by majority in parliament members and very well successfully won over  the covid-19 pandemic. (The opposition parties hate this news) The protest is a dirty politician tactic. This protest was formed up before pandemic occurring after A-NA-KOT MAI party,( the ORANGE POLITIC party) found guilty on receiving donation over 10 million THB from ex party leader MR. TANA-THORN. This made politic party dissolved.

    The western media's will be learning more on this dirty tactic phenomenon.

    this Illegal protest will not be supported by majority of thai people.(69,000,000 people)

    [[[ The ex A NA-KOT MAI party was elected by 6,265,950 votes (12.23%) out of 51,239,638 voters (100%)and he calls his voters gather on street to protest.]]] This is same as old dirty politician tactic around the world.
    The fact Message ftom majority of Thai people.

  3. Avatar

    tsunami catastrophe in thailand under monarchy

  4. Avatar

    Hey Media…leave them alone, stop all coverage and all foreign opinions. And see their country will normalize soon.

  5. Avatar

    I not think they are against. Monorchy I think they just not want so much power to the Monorchy

  6. Avatar
    armando astudillo

    I am a Filipino and I just want to know why the Thais want the monarchy to step down. It happened to us in EDSA in 1986 and we regretted it because the Marcos regime was later realized to be much much better than those who grabbed power. I could only hope for the best for our good neighbor Thailand.

  7. Avatar

    Students are righteous

  8. Avatar

    They are now making it illegal to take selfies at protests how stupid is that. And they are living in the press saying we shut down the rail stations when it was actually them

  9. Avatar

    We Thai, don’t want to erase the monarch and Royal family… we just want them to be under the law. And No more L’majeste law.

  10. Avatar

    All thai people should join these heroes.

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