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Thailand protesters demand investigation into king

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have taken their campaign to the doors of the German embassy in Bangkok, calling for an investigation into the Thai king’s activities during his extensive stays in Bavaria. (Subscribe:

They’re demanding to know whether the king has been exercising his political powers while on German soil, keeping up their pressure for sweeping constitutional change, including to the monarchy.

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    Another pig covered in gold…But a pig is still a pig 😉

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    The west needs to stop backing this Monarchy, only doing it because of China, stop doing it, it's doing much more harm than good, stop the support NOW!

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    02:21 Mr tittytwat?

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    02:14 Pathetic!

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    More power to the Thai people!

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    The reporter is endangering other people with no mask on

  7. Avatar

    Maybe that fool should have kept his mask on 🙄

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    I bow down to these protesters – Brave young (and older) people… Keep going!

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    Take the suite of and he looks like an aides ravaged meth head.

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    wtf kind of king or leader would live in another country ,,A FKN Dictator/Traitor

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    Great journalism right there! Thanks Channel 4 for reporting this unprecedented development in Thailand to the wider world!

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    just generational PUBLIC PARASITES .
    FEEDING ON HUMANITY while adding
    just MAJOR EXPENSES from cradle to grave !

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    2:10 so many Minions that were born to love Gru unconditionally.

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    Down with all monarchies the world over.

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    Criminal Biden family videos at gnews.org 😱😱😱🤬

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    He looks very ill. Did he get married?

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    He can be just like that but have a real govt ; the King can have both , allow democracy to flourish only good for nation , more people will love you.

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    pray for Thailand!

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    I feel pity toward these yellow shirt. Their mind is gone the same way I've used to be once because of propaganda brainwash in every aspect daily life. Rama the ninth was a great man of his time so no one dares to criticized or questions but this son of his is completely different story. We want to reform Not revolt. III Freedom Equality Unity.

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    Criminal Biden family videos at gtv.org 😱😱😱

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    Say NO to Royal families.

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    Thailand is an absolute monarchy. Never paid any taxes. That's why the Thai royal family is several times richer than the British royal family.

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