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Thailand, Hong Kong activists form alliance

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha will hold a special session in parliament next week as protesters
repeat calls for him to quit.
Thousands have rallied for six straight days in Bangkok, and the movement is also finding support in Hong Kong.
Dubbed the “Milk Tea Alliance”, activists in both places see parallels in each other’s struggles.
Al Jazeera’s Emily Siu reports.

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  1. Avatar

    wait what why should do form an alliance what the

  2. Avatar

    >they need real democracy *like american style: if you don't like one senile rapist, you can vote for the other senile rapist

  3. Avatar

    Each country's history has its own course. Whether democracy is good or not at this moment of the country, let its own people decide, so outsiders should stay away from other's domestic affairs.

    Joshua, please mind your own business. Or you are looking for trouble in thailand

  4. Avatar

    What is that hunger game sign for why they're doing it?

  5. Avatar

    Stand with Thailand, stand with Hong Kong. CCP is evil.

  6. Avatar

    Why is that Joshua Wong stooge getting involved? So they are going fail just like in Hong Kong? 😩🤦‍♂️

  7. Avatar

    slowly thai monarchy govt downfall is happening in the coming days….

  8. Avatar

    Linking protesters in Thailand and Hong Kong is very stupid. This will anger China, and Thai protesters will get nothing if they do not get the support of China. Don't forget that Thailand is a Southeast Asian country.

  9. Avatar

    Joshua Wong is an outcast even among the protestors in Hong Kong. He's just trying to make some protest dollars because the west likes him.

  10. Avatar

    Alliance with Hong Kong's protests is taking on the anti Chinese label. This makes it stink like US involvement to topple the Thai government and wreck China's Belt and Road. Thailand best be very very careful when wandering blindly into foreign affairs. Let's not forget Thailand has never been outside the box to pasture.

  11. Avatar

    Still doesn't change the fact that Bangcock is a whorehouse

  12. Avatar

    I bet you some Thai Politician is thinking " You wanna bet " in response to that "You can't kill us all" banner at the end lol

  13. Avatar

    Joshua Wong should move to Thailand, because his role as an american agitator in Hong Kong is over.

  14. Avatar

    Hongkong protest : Comunism
    Thailand protest : monarchy
    the two are united

  15. Avatar

    Milk Tea Alliance, that's cute. These kids have no idea what real protests are. These kids are only play at protesting. If they want real change, take down the army, who's supporting the King. Without the military, the King is powerless and have to agree to reform.

  16. Avatar

    Do you think the King is worried?

  17. Avatar

    When people have a taste of freedom it is hard to take it away

  18. Avatar

    CCP fifty cent army is active in comments. They are afraid of Joshua Wong. Free Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan. Long Live Democracy!!!

  19. Avatar

    These Asians are so BRAINWASHED by these caucasians 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Aljazerra deserve better reporter than this

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