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Thailand activists stage a protest in Bangkok and confront the king

Thousands of Thai protesters confronted their king and queen with three-fingered salutes in a sign of growing defiance against their rule as the couple toured Bangkok on Thursday. Queen Suditha could be seen looking distinctly nervous as she watched demonstrators pass by the windows of her royal limousine while driving through the city. Thursday’s protest, timed to coincide with the anniversary of a 1973 uprising, is just the latest in a series of demonstrations demanding reform of the royal family, the resignation of the country’s prime minister, and a new constitution. King Vajiralongkorn and Queen Suditha, who spend most of their time living in Germany, have found themselves caught up in the marches during a rare visit to the country they rule to mark the fourth anniversary of his father’s death.

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  1. Avatar

    What does their chant mean?

  2. Avatar

    The whole world are now questioning there corrupt leaders

  3. Avatar

    Wow the CIA is making trouble everywhere! Or at least wherever their global rival is Thailand is next to China, Belarus is next door to Russia. If the Thais want to get rid of of the monarchy that is fine by me in fact we need to get rid of all of them.
    put from news reports I've seen this has the hallmarks of a colour revolution. Some of the features of these colour revolutions are the use of branding like a certain flag the wearing of the same t shirt , in Hong Kong it was an umbrella
    All rather odd in a country which is ruled by the military

  4. Avatar

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  5. Avatar

    Why are they all doing the mockingjay sign? Lol

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar
    Owkqbsans Whqnehakqsb

    A la verga.

  8. Avatar

    Thai people loved their last king. For them to speak up something ain’t right

  9. Avatar

    This is needed in England.

  10. Avatar

    People fed up of lockdown everywhere

  11. Avatar

    Thailand needs
    1. Fresh elections and a new constitution
    2. Transparency in loyal affairs
    3. Jail Prayuth and his groups for corruption
    4. Defund police and military and so on.

  12. Avatar
    จิตร ภูมิศักดิ์

    The Thai people shouted out that Public tax That was paid to the king
    Most Thai people in the country want to democratize the king under the constitution
    We are Thai people We don't need a selfish king.

  13. Avatar

    Long live the King, long live the King. My Thai is coming along nicely.

  14. Avatar

    "I volunteer as tribute" whistles

  15. Avatar

    Do the same in England

  16. Avatar

    What kind of Royal Family doesn’t even live in the country that they reign???

  17. Avatar

    People Say "My Tax! my Tax!"

  18. Avatar

    Meanwhile the privileged West make up fictional reasons to protest.

  19. Avatar

    let's all wear masks and protest!

  20. Avatar

    I literally just watched a video from the channel RealLifeLore about how the Thai people could be imprisoned for insulting the monarchy…

  21. Avatar
    บอกเเล้ว ไม่เชื่อ

    Thailand is now a communist dictator.

  22. Avatar

    Typical of the world, the rich getting richer on the backs of the poor.

  23. Avatar

    I'm from Thailand. We are protesting for freedom for democracy.
    "Long live the people!" We need a democratic, not Evil Military and Monarchy.
    Please Help. don't let people die alone.

  24. Avatar

    Mr tax👊https://youtu.be/T90BnUwYt7Y

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