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Thai protests: Tens of thousands protest across Thailand in defiance of ban

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in a wave of protests across Bangkok and other Thai cities on Saturday in defiance of a government crackdown following three months of demonstrations aimed at the prime minister and monarchy.

Many protesters said they had been stirred into action by the police’s use of water cannons on Friday to disperse thousands of youth-led protesters who included many children.

Police attempts to thwart protesters by shutting down Bangkok’s public transport network backfired when it led to localized protests across the city involving three main centres and several other smaller demonstrations. There were demonstrations in at least six cities outside Bangkok too.

Police did not intervene, and the protests dispersed after several hours.
Protesters demand the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a former military ruler. They have also become openly critical of King Maha Vajiralongkorn despite lèse-majesté laws that can mean 15 years in jail for insulting the monarchy.

The king and queen spend most of their time in Europe and are on their longest visit to Thailand this year.

The king is mostly resident in Germany, and a German diplomat said the government was closely monitoring political developments in Thailand.
On Thursday, the government banned all political gatherings of five or more people. Police have arrested more than 50 people – including several protest leaders – in the past week.


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  1. Avatar

    Put colgate or your googles to not let it get foggy

  2. Avatar

    Shame on the people behind this protest. They don't have the guts to step forward but just pushing the kids to go out.

  3. Avatar

    Hold China 🇨🇳 accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

  4. Avatar

    Beware of the following dangerously vague terms.
    The Chinese 🇨🇳 regime is using them to recklessly MANIPULATE and CONTROL other people:

    – "descendents of Dragons",
    – "Chinese blood", 
    – "Chinese root",
    – "Ancestors",
    – "Patriotic Chinese",
    – "Traitors",
    – "China motherland",
    – "Belongs to China",
    – "1.4 billion Chinese",
    – "China's internal affair",
    – "Inseparable part of China",
    – "Since ancient times".

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    Chinese regime supports this Thai's 🇹🇭 junta dictator.
    Reason: China 🇨🇳 is much worse.

  6. Avatar

    I can't be the only one who noticed the Among Us reference

  7. Avatar
    canadian survivalist

    Coming to a city near you freedom from tyranny.the great reset google it.dont be scared be prepared

  8. Avatar

    Tyranny feeds on weakness.
    Bravo Thailanders, Standing up together against tyranny is your god-given right!

  9. Avatar
    Scents for the Soul

    I’d say there were more than tens of thousands there

  10. Avatar
    Ezmall by Athlons

    "I hear too" I absolutely support you-the protester!

  11. Avatar
    Scents for the Soul

    You don’t see any of them fighting against each other about masks or anything. UNITY is a beautiful thing.

  12. Avatar

    The BOLSHEVIKS are in full control in Thailand…….until they are not. Global Revolution is coming by spring. These Govt fascists controlled by the Bolsheviks must be stopped.

  13. Avatar
    Jefferson Ricardo

    What is the meaning of the three fingers up?

  14. Avatar

    Go Thai people. We all are Thai now.

  15. Avatar
    Sneaky Islander85

    Thailand stands alongside Canada let's fight for our rights my People are oppressed in Siam

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    I hope Thailand is making the right decision. Hopefully they will not make the same mistake that the Philippines did in 1986. All the best to the people of Thailand.

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    Where's the coverage on the HUGE freedom rally in Vancouver today.

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    Where is your coverage of the one in Toronto today? Morons as usual

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    This is why western men go here to find wives as western women are psychologically tampered with.

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    the one should abolish first is the thai monarchy it takes 2/3 of the money of the country thats very greedy monarchy thai people should aim that the prime minister will step down if the thai monarchy abolish….thats the key of all abolish first the monarchy then prayut will go…keep safe always thai people God will help you….

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    Thumbnail slogan says “you can’t kill us all.” Well, that might be true but, it doesn’t mean they would not try.

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    If you can’t do it Democratic way, do it different way. Shoot. Call me I’ll help you.

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    ลาออกเถอะลูง ใหเพวกเหี้ยมันปกครอง เดี๋ยวมันก็แย่งกันกิน

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    I love Thais, they are polite and beautiful people. I hope there can be peace

  29. Avatar

    "You can't kill us all", says a lot about the trust deficit growing each day. Only happens when people are expressing somethings are not all well.

  30. Avatar

    Stay strong thai people

  31. Avatar

    NED funded color revolution!

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    Did you know if you talk crap about Thais monarchy and you go visit thailand you can go to prison so corrupt I’ll never give my money there

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    Chinese protestors would not hold up a sign saying “you can’t kill us all”….. because the Chinese Communist Party would respond with a genocide & respond…. yes we can!

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    Hold China 🇨🇳 accountable!
    Xi Jinping and his Politburo gang have committed crimes against humanity and genocide in Xinjiang.
    – They shaved the heads of Uyghur women to make hair products and sent them to the United States.
    – The U.S. Customs seized a massive amount of hair products made with human hair from Xinjiang!

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