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Thai protesters rally in Bangkok defying state of emergency

Hundreds of protesters gathered on Thursday in the Thai capital, Bangkok, calling for police to free arrested activists, defying emergency measures imposed earlier to quell a pro-democracy movement.

Thailand imposed “serious” emergency measures banning gatherings of more than five people in a bid to stop youth-led demonstrations that have been rocking the country since mid-July.

Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler has more from Bangkok.

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  1. Avatar

    That moment when people standing around becomes a threat to state security.

  2. Avatar
    Juninho Free kick

    Keep pushing. The whole world is supporting you. Next is British owned Nigeria. Let the youths push and crumble that puppet regime.

  3. Avatar

    The CCP create the CCP VIRUS to stop the HK protest. what an evil plan

  4. Avatar

    C. I. A. ~ CONSPIRED.

  5. Avatar

    Done by cia to destabilise Thailand

  6. Avatar

    Thailand will be the new Russia if they lose their monarchy…

  7. Avatar

    I’m THAI 🇹🇭
    Thai government use violence against unarmed protesters , depriving the people of our rights to freedom of expression , Thai government has shown us how fragile and shameful they are .

  8. Avatar

    Very nice Thailand

  9. Avatar

    Meanwhile king must be banging his maids

  10. Avatar

    Al Jazeera, you would do well to clarify that Pavin Chachavalpongpun is an Anti-Monarchist. He's not an impartial commentator, in fact he is one of those pushing the agenda and hijacking the sudent's protests to make it appear as if it's against the Monarchy when in reality it's mostly against the Junta leader Prayuth and his abuse of Lese Majeste laws to silence his critics by inappropriately invoking the Royal Institution.

  11. Avatar

    We want to reform the monarchy because the king of Thailand using Thai people taxes. He's enjoying his life but doing nothing for his people.

  12. Avatar

    Land and country belongs to people;
    Democracy means ruling by the people;
    King, Military ruler or communists have place here, on earth

  13. Avatar

    Change Like Malaysia System

  14. Avatar

    Their king lives in luxury in Germany and their people live in poverty.
    It's very sad.

  15. Avatar
    Aka Hasan Hasan Aka

    back Democracy

  16. Avatar

    God saves the democracy

  17. Avatar

    Land belong to the people not to the corrupted leaders..

  18. Avatar

    Thailand never been colonized… thanks to the monarchy who did well to defend the country and make the country strong… the young citizen of Thailand should appreciate that…

  19. Avatar

    All idiots trying to destroy their own birth nation. Just to protect someone's politic cheating

  20. Avatar

    just copy malaysia..how hard is that?

  21. Avatar

    Reform is coming.

  22. Avatar
    Make Racists Afraid Again

    Citizens must control their country.
    Not a single monarch.
    The military Needs to support the people.

  23. Avatar

    we need real democracy !

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