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Texas high school student told to cut dreadlocks | ABC News

Deandre Arnold, 17, and his cousin Kaden Bradford, 16, face school suspensions for the length of their dreadlocks, which the school said was a violation of the dress code.

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    As long as your clean and well kept I don't see the problem at all, let the damn kids self express themselves..🙌

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    I went through the same thing at CE King in Houston , there is racial biases because it’s aimed at black males who wear braids , corn rolls , dreads etc , these are hair styles that aren’t commonly sported by whites or even Hispanics … the length of your hair has nothing to do with your education or performance as a student .. these systems of dress code as the rep from barbus hill explained have been in play for 90 years , if you don’t know , barbus hill is in a very rural part of the outskirts of Houston where the majority are white … it’s not like they have been a majority black school for 90 years … a dress code is implemented for uniform and security, what is uniform but to get everyone to look alike ? What is the threat of long dread locks ? None , so why is this a issue ? Because it’s racially biased

  3. Avatar

    Are girls allowed to have long hair. Racist and sexist.

  4. Avatar

    Dress codes are stupid and they distract from learning

  5. Avatar

    This is both disturbing and disgusting….. completely despicable!!!!! We are living in the 2020's for crying out loud….

  6. Avatar

    Just sit him in back of class. This is stupid.

  7. Avatar

    Time to change dress code or have all girls cut theirs

  8. Avatar

    no school should have the right to dictate to any kid what to do with the parts that extend from their bodies. as long as these kids keep their clean… the school needs to mind it’s own business.

  9. Avatar

    Don't cut anything! To be in band all you have to do is pin it up. That's all.

  10. Avatar

    It's their hair.
    Screw Texas and the white people who insisted they cut their hair

  11. Avatar

    Don’t cut your hair ! It’s better then your pants sagging!

  12. Avatar

    the rules are the rules…follow them…

  13. Avatar

    I thought they were going to say they had to cut their hair because of the lice.Bob Marley had 26 species of lice when he died,and he was technically white.

  14. Avatar

    Fuck these racist cunts. If I'm allowed to have straight hair they should be allowed to have their natural and as long and they fucking want. Like Hell it's not about race. These kids are hurting nothing and no one.

  15. Avatar

    Every white girl at that school better have shoulder length hair.

  16. Avatar

    This is just stupid.If a kids hair is all we had to worry about wouldn’t the world be great

  17. Avatar

    Poor downtrodden black boys, boo hoo. I remember getting detention for chewing gum. But in this " everyone gets a trophy " society, they will sue the school, get 💰, write a book etc. mark my words

  18. Avatar

    that is going to be a HUGE payout to those kids when they win their lawsuit!!! that school district better start getting the money ready…. lol.

  19. Avatar

    It’s dangerous, they could conceal a nuclear war head in those dreads on their head…it’ll be a war head on a head or a head with a war head ..or a war with two heads! It’s just to many heads with wardreads….ok I’m totally lost, what was this video about again?😌

  20. Avatar

    Did the school have a dress code? If so, STFU

  21. Avatar

    U.S should nuke trinidad and tobago

  22. Avatar

    I went to High School in the 70s. Probably half the guys at my school had braided hair or afros. I'm almost 60 and have a good paying job and my company flies me everywhere representing them. No one ever said a word. My company doesn't care. But yet, America isn't going backwards…
    Riiiiight 🙄

  23. Avatar

    What's next , hair dragging on the floor , green blue yellow pink hair , it's always about statements,

  24. Avatar

    Just because no one has called it out over the years does not mean it isn't biased! It definitely is discrimination and most definitely biased!

  25. Avatar

    They are teens attending high school…it aint the military or the police force, what does the length of hair have to do with education?

  26. Avatar

    lol I went through the same thing @ WORK!!! I have both my ears pierced as well, I said, ok I'd cut them and remove my earrings as soon as ALL THE WOMEN IN THE COMPANY DID THE SAME!!! and it was never mentioned again… it's racial discrimination, try it, it's an easy fix lol

  27. Avatar

    Ridiculous. Anyone should be able to wear their hair they want to. That is not distracting hair.

  28. Avatar

    Why is this newsworthy? Oh wait since he's black that means it MUST be racist right? Idiots

  29. Avatar

    ITS FUCKING HAIR!! WE TAKING ABOUT HAIR….why is it a issue to have long hair?

  30. Avatar

    Why do we care what celebrities have to say?

  31. Avatar

    Don't cut y'all hair that is heritage of been who u are as Africa America young people

  32. Avatar

    I’m not getting into genders but can girls have long hair???

  33. Avatar

    Forcing somebody to cut their hair is like telling a girl she cant have her period. Smh

  34. Avatar

    Justify why this policy is in effect. Otherwise let these two young men get on with their lives.

  35. Avatar

    Those white students can have long hair I’m sure, it can’t be about the length, they need to go to court and g eat this straightened out.

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