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Test and Trace in England hits another low with just 58% of contacts reached – BBC News

The Test and Trace scheme in England has had its worst-performing week since the beginning of July, when it comes to reaching the contacts of those infected in the community.

The tracing team only reached 58% of contacts of those testing positive in the first week of October.

Meanwhile people working at one coronavirus testing laboratory have told of their concerns about safety standards.

One scientist who worked at the Milton Keynes Lighthouse Lab claimed staff were being put at risk.

The Health and Safety Executive has found breaches in safety following the claims. The company which runs the laboratory says it has strict safety measures in place and the government said it regularly reviews and inspects the labs it uses.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health editor Hugh Pym and health correspondent Sophie Hutchinson.

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    What a waste of time, effort & tax payers money!!!

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    May be this is more about controlling us rather than keeping us safe> Mummmmm

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    20 billion for an ….app (almost the cost of two aircraft carriers) , consultants paid 7.5k a day, a test full of false positives , worse of all no one really trusts the test results anyway due to false positives. Don’t even mention the rushed legislation they have bought in for dna retention, can’t let all that good data go to waste eh

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    What are they at risk of catching??? Nowt from the plandemic so stop our wasting time as well as money

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    Don’t forget the “track” , remember that’s what this is all about…..

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    I couldn't download the app to my iphone 6, Gov thinks everyone bought into the Corporate machine of buying latest gadget

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    Serco test and trace is awful..
    I realise there's a 'special relationship' between Serco and the Tory Party, but they need to get the boot! I think it would probably save lives.

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    Would anyone else in the UK's history keep this man employed?

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    Test and Trace is not designed to function well when R rate is high. Don’t rely on one measure to deal with this pandemic, everyone can contribute their efforts to suppress this virus, many countries have successfully done it.

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    It's a virus harmless to over 99%, who cares. This is about as dangerous as Y2K was.

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    Q) Why is the system is still struggling to deliver?

    A) Corrupt & inadequate Government.

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