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TERMINATOR 6 Official Trailer (2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dark Fate Movie HD

TERMINATOR 6 Official Trailer (2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dark Fate, T6 Movie HD
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  1. Avatar

    OH man, this looks fucking awful.

  2. Avatar

    20th and Paramount having big dick swingathon…
    "Get this, two planes…"
    "Yeah? Wait, CGI planes?"
    "Of course."
    "ARGH! Money shot!"
    "Dude, not the face!"

  3. Avatar

    I got scared, thought California pulled a fast one and changed Terminator’s gender.

  4. Avatar

    arnold : oh shitt here we go again

  5. Avatar

    So lets be clear..
    This is straight sequel to Judgement Day and it will ignore all the events from Rise of the machines, Salvation and Genisis

    I really do hope this will be one of the greatest action film this year specially there director is Tim Miller

  6. Avatar

    You can easily discern every bit of CGI, how did we go backwards??

  7. Avatar

    This looks fan made but it’s actually not so it’s kinda weird 😂

  8. Avatar

    I like that they've cast aside all the films after T2 (when things got ridiculous) and are making this a direct follow on from T2. This is basically Terminator 3.

  9. Avatar

    Terminator just got dropped by some teenager, getting kicked in the back. I'll be back

  10. Avatar

    OMG! Robby the ghost rider is back😍

  11. Avatar

    Did I see this correctly that the evil terminator are 2 terminators in the same person: one T1000 and one TX combined?

  12. Avatar

    arnold HAS to be tired of doing terminator movies

  13. Avatar

    They should rename it Terminator Diversity

  14. Avatar

    Terminator 6:

    Even time catches up to our best terminators.

  15. Avatar

    I once took jack ass and honey comb into a brothel……

  16. Avatar

    I liked the last one with Emilia Clarke.. thought it was way underrated.

    This one honestly looks like shit.


  17. Avatar

    This actually looks better than the terminators movies before

  18. Avatar

    Any white male cast is this movie other than Arnold and that weird melting dude?

  19. Avatar

    Another one? Oh wth I'll watch it.

  20. Avatar

    So I guess it's John Connor's day off then?

  21. Avatar

    So is John Connor that little girl now?!?!?!?!

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    Cool, another movie with women acting like bad ass men , looks like another one for Qbittorent next year , fucked if I'm taking a chance at the box office !

  24. Avatar

    Say it with me………. sexual appropriation of franchises.. execs probably push a woke narrative to get females to lead franchises so they pay them less.

    I reckon we will see

    White girls can jump starring rebel Wilson and amy schumer

    Women in black
    Girls in the hood and possibly Mr doubtfire with Melliissa mcartney

    I'm joking of course

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