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Tens of thousands take to streets in renewed Hong Kong protests

Protesters dressed in black have marched through central Hong Kong demanding a full retraction of the China extradition law. The huge new rally comes after Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, announced an indefinite halt to the proposed bill, which would allow residents and visitors to be sent for trial in China’s opaque Communist-controlled court system

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    Little hong kong lackey's grandparents ran from China to be little white boy shoe lickers. while the rest of the Chinese defended it with their lives. Now these little white man boot shiners want to protest? Seem like the big man now when the whitemen don't have guns on your heads right. Boot licking is self selected to be in the genes of the Hong Kong Lackey, they only understand the barrel of a gun.

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    How come is still "Tens of Thousands"????????

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    All Hong Kong scientists and technicians , welcome to Shenzhen.

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    Watch and learn, this is how to get things done ! Power to the People!

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    You only have to look to Tibet to see the future for Hong Kong and eventually Taiwan…

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    It's funnier if you call it Kong Hong

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    All together, Chinese hans are invaders:
    Tibet, Eastern Turkestan ( Uyghurs camps), Southern Mongolia (stolling rares earth to EV industries like Tesla or Nissan/VW), and Northern Kashmir ( paid by corruption to some pakistanese leaders)!
    Independance & Freedom even by war… CCP are criminals!

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    Britain: You still want Hong Kong, China?

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    Hong Kong is better off as a Republic rather than being ruled by fascists.

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    Millions of people and 10 toilets with no paper and a 1000 with bad stomach cramps

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    Hong Kong belongs to China, its why the UK handed it back as the lease had expired.

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    Your YouTube title is wrong! It’s millions not tens of thousands. Even the video says itself says hundreds of thousands. Reports show 2+ million. You really need to update this title and video.

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    You wanted to break ties with Great Britain 🇬🇧 now best of luck trying to fight off China 🇨🇳 from behind your Apple Macs.

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    Did Bonnie Leung take drugs ? She was talking too much nonsenses 💀

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    And none of those people read the Guardian.

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