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Tens of thousands of Indonesians protest over new labour law

Tens of thousands of student demonstrators have fought with police in the Indonesian capital as they protest against a new labour law.

Police had tried to stop the unrest from spreading to Jakarta by blocking factory workers who planned to take part.

Authorities say demonstrating during the pandemic puts lives at risk – but critics of the law say the government is undermining human rights.

Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports.

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  1. Avatar

    Please AL Jazeera Report on the ongoing mass movement against the current dictator of Bangladesh and present it to the world.

  2. Avatar

    Chaos everywere bro even Middle High School join the Protesting

  3. Avatar

    ShithoIe country

  4. Avatar

    Pathetic shithoIe with Iow minded citizens they are making others country look stupid

  5. Avatar

    it's Cause… Chinese Colonialism 5.0

  6. Avatar

    Lets say Goodbye the future..
    Goodbye dreamers..

  7. Avatar

    Dewan Penghianat Rakyat

  8. Avatar

    I'm from Indonesia thank you

  9. Avatar

    Rakyat demo, jae malah kabur.
    Lu pemimpin atau pengecut sih jae?

  10. Avatar

    help the world … our country is already filled with corruptors …

  11. Avatar
    Adrivansyah Surya Putra

    You guys argue here your mic will be muted

  12. Avatar

    Propaganda aljazera media tteroris😹😆😂

  13. Avatar

    Wait till u get to know india's new environmental law, one of the point effectively says that "the company is to report any breach in environmental guidelines, local community people or NGO's will have no say in it.",
    yes u heard it right.

  14. Avatar

    Against Omnibus Law✊
    Thanks, Al-Jazeera Keep update ✊

  15. Avatar

    Capitalism by oppresing the people but letting coruption grow

  16. Avatar

    All govts r terrorist

  17. Avatar
    Abang Modar krn Jihader

    Turunkan pinokio..

  18. Avatar

    Trying to win business from China whilst there is gap to do so but at the expense of the people

  19. Avatar

    It's the same all over the world: the rich must become richer and the poor poorer. And of course covid19 is used to get more control by keeping people scared and stop them from protesting. It's one criminal scam.

  20. Avatar
    Riezkamasduqihasan Hasan

    Alhamdulillah Alassalamah
    As Soon Corona Will be A rises to be number 3 After indian

  21. Avatar

    Goodbye corona virus

  22. Avatar

    That's what happened when you cheated on election!

  23. Avatar

    These stupid parliaments was making a chaos in pandemic situation..it's not about who was wrong and right but these idiotic parliaments such as a killer in the name of published policies . . .on otherside they were barking about corona🤮

  24. Avatar

    Pray for indonesia,..

  25. Avatar

    Covid : im about to leave this country

  26. Avatar

    Disappointing how Politicians worldwide are allowed to destroy and divide human life !

  27. Avatar

    Jakarta 50k in 8ball pool games

  28. Avatar

    Its the Chinification of the world. In order to compete you have to work like a slave and not complain abt it.

  29. Avatar

    Kerja..kerja..kerja…this is regime slogans. The reason of health rich weallth investment, but… In the name of poor labour.

  30. Avatar

    Corona virus: oh well, hello there

  31. Avatar

    Hidup buruh!!!
    Hidup Rakyat!!!
    Mati pejabat!!!
    DPR Bangsat!!!

  32. Avatar

    SLAVERY (now of the poor and powerless) is making a come back globally. Governments and businessmen is trying to acquire all lands of any form (forest, timberland, marine land, undocumented residential lands of the poor) for their personal benefits and not for the nation.

  33. Avatar

    Al Jazeera should investigate the many human rights violations by the police in labor demonstrations that are widely exposed on Facebook social media

  34. Avatar

    When too many young and stupid generation easy to provoke. They even don't know what they protesting about. This bill intent to create jobs ! Idk wtf wrong's with that?

  35. Avatar

    To be honest, as a Malaysian, I truly believe deep in my heart that Indonesia actually has such big potentials on becoming an influential global player at the same par with China, India, and even the US.

    Unlike those countries, Indonesia is a massive but spread across thousands of islands. The country has such rich resources, arable lands, and vast networks of domestic trade either by sea, land or air. Even surprisingly, Indonesians are very patriotic that no matter how different and separated they are, they have a strong sense of unity.

    In terms of international trade, Indonesia has a bigger advantage in terms of manpower, costs and delivery time. They had that opportunity when they gained independence. In fact, around 1960s, Indonesia is still more advanced than Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei as their fellow younger nation brothers of the Malay race.

    Unfortunately, because of the older generations of politicians & the elites’ selfish behaviours for power domination and fast-money lead to unorganised government controls over the administration and development of the country. We Malaysians have such high admiration and respect towards the intellectual figures of Indonesia that we learned about them and their contributions to the Malay World on becoming intellectual citizens that do not depend too much from outsiders.

    Indonesia still has those great people for innovation of Science, Medicine, Engineering and Business Opportunities before but they are all too busy fighting among themselves and too much concern with other stuffs and other nations achievements. They have that great capability but they lost it. Hope you guys can recover faster and keep on fighting for your rights.

  36. Avatar

    .."The omnibus law is very good for Indonesia why protest

  37. Avatar

    All Governments , Politicians , Businessmen and People in 3rd World Countries SUK! thank god i come to united states alone but yeah there are my communuty livin in several countries they come alone without their families as well i dont need hotels if traveingl in Big Cities 😁

  38. Avatar

    As an Indonesian, I can say that this regime is the worst in our history.

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