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TENET – Official Trailer


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  1. Avatar

    🗣️"To do what I do…I need some idea of the threat we face." Bruh where the hell were you in 2016?! 😑

  2. Avatar

    me: Michael Caine who?

    Cocaine: My cocaine

  3. Avatar

    This looks good, I wanna watch rn.

  4. Avatar

    Before watching trailer: another movie trailer
    After trailer:may be the movie came and gone,i am just rewinding

  5. Avatar

    NOLAN~Releases a new movie
    AR Muragadoss …
    I'M IN

  6. Avatar

    Har baar ki tarah phir se Dimaag Ka Bho**a kar diya Nolan bhai ne…🤔

  7. Avatar

    It's been shot in India ( some part atleast)

    All of us Indians are gonna watch it ….
    Yay 😄

  8. Avatar

    Melayu: wei aku xde tenet dohh, wei hotspot ?

  9. Avatar

    Me: I won't!
    You: don't u stop watching this trailer again and again till the movie releases?!! #Nolan_fan

  10. Avatar

    "This movie will confuse the shit out of me"
    ~Nikola Tesla

  11. Avatar

    why is that pill actor always giving some sort of pills? lol

  12. Avatar

    Nolan, back at it again with time play

  13. Avatar

    This doesn't look interesting at all but I think it's because I'm confused. Can someone explain? I can't even locate a summary of the plot on Google lol

  14. Avatar

    Me: I didn't understand the trailer
    Nolan: Don't try to understand,Just feel it.🤟

  15. Avatar

    Feels like…Deja vu or source code…

  16. Avatar

    Society: Trump got impeached

    Movie: it hasn’t happened yet 😂😂

  17. Avatar

    Going to be the biggest flop of the decade

  18. Avatar

    Leading role is so bad selected 👎

  19. Avatar

    You are waiting for a spaceship, that'll take you far far away into a dream world where you can clone yourself using a machine and kill the batman….
    but you can't know for sure, coz it's impossible
    Yet it doesn't matter..
    because it's necessary…

  20. Avatar

    Tenet is me and my my friends way of saying internet lmao

  21. Avatar

    “See the trailer in theaters for maximum effect.”

  22. Avatar

    I’m not a comic reader but I think a) this is a dc movie about time travel b) it has Robert Pattinson in it

  23. Avatar

    Flim history , nobody capture ocean wind place in movies, but this movie shooting spots also awesome…💯

  24. Avatar

    മലയാളികൾ ലൈക്‌ അടിക്കണം 👍👍👍

  25. Avatar

    The starting music is slightly same as john wick movie.. Otherwise "christopher nolan"…

  26. Avatar

    Jai Nithyananda m=EC2.

    Father of this two movies (Interception,tenet)😜😜

  27. Avatar

    Me: Wow Memento was like watching a movie in reverse. That’s awesome.

    Tenet: Hold my downside up beer.

  28. Avatar

    As he said, just feel it now. Try to understand in theatres and need to prepare our brain. He make us to think but never ever tells the answer. That's interesting fact actually.

  29. Avatar

    Nothing was never anywhere. That's why it's been everywhere. It's been so everywhere you dont need a where. You dont even need a when. That's how every it gets.

    Christopher Nolan movies in a nutshell.

    Credit Bill Wertz for that mind fuck of a quote.

  30. Avatar

    Inception meets Momento, I'm so in!

  31. Avatar

    Trailer are given to get some ideas what the movie is about. But for Nolan's movie, it is just a video😂 Cause, when the actual movie comes out, everything seems far different from what you assumed while watching the trailer😩

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