Ten killed as Israel targets Palestinian Islamic Jihad

by News Update

Ten people have died after Israel killed a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander.

Israel said it targeted a tower block housing militants in Gaza.

Hamas and PIJ said it would strike back at Israel in retaliation.

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theo bun August 6, 2022 - 4:25 AM

no sanctions for any buisnesses that fund these attacks or for israel but isnt it just the same as whta russia are suposedly doing to ukraine like america did to iraq afghan pakistan list could go on

2 Slaza August 6, 2022 - 4:26 AM

Not gonna mention the fact that the Palestinians fired over 100 rockets at Israel first. No. Thought not

kosmik87 August 6, 2022 - 4:33 AM

I came to a conclusion that we as a human race are sick psychopaths and killers, thousands of years of war and we losers are still not had enough, I'm ashamed to be part of this sick sick human race…

gbjanuary August 6, 2022 - 4:36 AM

People filming funerals is disrespectful 👎🏻

Nur thenur August 6, 2022 - 4:39 AM

Russia killing Ukraines and now israhell killing Palestinians.

PIWEP To the victor go the spoils August 6, 2022 - 4:45 AM

These two tribes will be killing each other when the sun runs out of fuel. 🙄

ebru celik August 6, 2022 - 4:46 AM

Zionists have no shame to kill the innocent civillians in their home

Louise May August 6, 2022 - 4:48 AM

Free Gaza free Palestine 🇵🇸 🇧🇩🇵🇸🙏🏽

Jon T August 6, 2022 - 4:49 AM

Dose of their own medicine. Israel dont F@k about unlike the uk unfortunately.

hksolo August 6, 2022 - 4:51 AM

Israel is being bad again! And uk usa remain silence, what a coward

Amado Fuentes Carrilo August 6, 2022 - 4:53 AM

Pigs murdering innocent Palestinians

King Khan August 6, 2022 - 4:59 AM

I guess what hitler did they taking it out on people who aint got fuk all

Mr Winston August 6, 2022 - 5:02 AM

Putin should learn from this
Glory to Russia 🇷🇺

The Elusive Intrusive August 6, 2022 - 5:06 AM

Byeeeee 👋

William Jones August 6, 2022 - 5:06 AM

Great news. Go Israel 🇮🇱 👏 ❤

Nick Homan August 6, 2022 - 5:07 AM

Iran's nuclear enrichment plant will be next.

1234dannyv August 6, 2022 - 5:11 AM

Notice Israel strikes when Ukraine and China are on the headlines. Hoping there genocide goes by and is forgotten.

samuel ad August 6, 2022 - 5:12 AM

Israel has every right to defend themselves. Whenever the jihadists strike no one reports it until Israel retaliate when the corrupt media reports and makes it look as though Israel did something wrong.

Tarott Man August 6, 2022 - 5:13 AM

World war 3 every part of the world is either at war or preparing for war.
I'm not religious but God help us not looking forward to the future.

Lion Roar August 6, 2022 - 5:13 AM

Fake European Zewz

Fazal Parwaiz August 6, 2022 - 5:13 AM

Innocent killed again Israel is a terror state

big yeeet August 6, 2022 - 5:15 AM

if the British can go there and colonize the land again and kick everyone out of that land the world will be a better place

Amaan Khan August 6, 2022 - 5:15 AM

Israelis continue to oppress our brothers and sisters in palestine however palestine will be free inshallah

Amaan Khan August 6, 2022 - 5:16 AM

Now they blaming terrorist groups israelis need punishment more then russia

Retro Watches August 6, 2022 - 5:17 AM

Give them hell. Nice one Israel

Reluctant Socialist August 6, 2022 - 5:22 AM

"housing militants" who said that? The people who fucked the tower up. This is disgusting

propagandaisnottrue August 6, 2022 - 5:27 AM

Will Jordan the zionist condemn this? Or find a way to blame Muslims like sky news?
Hypocrites ..

Current Affairs August 6, 2022 - 5:28 AM


GHOST IN THE BLUR August 6, 2022 - 5:31 AM

Things are tense over there

F. A August 6, 2022 - 5:31 AM

IDF 🇮🇱🙏

Lucky Luke August 6, 2022 - 5:32 AM

They killed a baby. Shame on Israel and The West for staying silence in Israelis crimes and violating International laws.

RAZER 690 August 6, 2022 - 5:36 AM


Yae Miko August 6, 2022 - 5:37 AM

This is how Peaceful community should be treated. Praise to lord more greatness to Israel

Thomas Mcintosh August 6, 2022 - 5:42 AM

An act of murder. A whole block of flats for one person.