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Tears of joy after South Korea score first water polo goal at world championships

After a humbling 64-0 defeat at the hands of Hungary, South Korea were determined to take something positive out of their meeting with Russia. The hosts got their reward with their first goal at the world championships… but they still lost 30-1.
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  1. Avatar

    So the $7000 per Korean player to get to the world champions was worth it in the end I think

  2. Avatar

    what on earth….

  3. Avatar
    Caroline Ferrier

    Hi hip hi hi

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar
    Srećko Delibašić

    They actually won! 😍

  6. Avatar

    Thanks to goalkeeper <3

  7. Avatar
    Nepisatel nechitatel

    ну да вратарь явно специально пропустила мяч. пожалели кореянок

  8. Avatar
    Александр Дмитриев

    Она просто уснула на воротах) а так конечно считай поддержка. Можно сказать что они в себя поверили

  9. Avatar
    Marching Expert


  10. Avatar

    Как наши футболисты….

  11. Avatar

    Ради любви к Цою можно (((

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    Congrats, Russia.

    Congrats,SK for the true sportsmanship by not giving up !

    There's will be a next time to improve.

    It is pretty new and unpopular sports in SK,
    but due to this play, it become known.

  14. Avatar

    OMG 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Avatar

    Questa è la bellezza vera, la differenza fra la Pallanuoto e gli altri sport, bravissime ragazze

  16. Avatar

    It ain't much but it's honest work

  17. Avatar
    Domingo Gonzalez

    That player crying next to the other one was in my swimming team before

  18. Avatar

    It's really sad when these international sports bodies put teams in competitions that have no business being there. 64-0 is awful. 30-1… At least the victors didn't seem to be taunting the South Korea team. That would be incredibly disrespectful.

  19. Avatar

    진짜 감동이네요 대한민국
    waterpolo 여자선수분들
    넘 고생하셨고 앞으로 많은지원과
    관심이 있길바랍니다~
    대한민국은 스포츠후진국인걸
    대한민국 국민들만모르고있죠~

  20. Avatar

    정말 그어떤 골 보다도 값지고
    감격스럽네요 여자waterpolo선수들 국가대표라는 태극마크가
    진정 무슨의미인지 저 한골에
    모든 의미가 모두담겨있는거같네요

  21. Avatar

    The first goal in history 가즈아

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