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Tearful Jon Stewart rebukes Congress over 9/11 fund – BBC News

The comedian blasts lawmakers over treatment of 9/11 rescue workers injured or sickened at Ground Zero.
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    The Divided States of America

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    Sadly, Jon Stewart is a phony seeking renewed relevance. The cause is good but Stewart has backed too many bad ones to be respected on this alone.

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    John Stewart for President. About the only person that can save the US from itself.

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    I don’t really like Jon Stewart but he has a valid point. These people need help and as a country we at least owe them medical care. They stepped up for their country and are now suffering because of it. I just wish someone would plead so earnestly for our veterans

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    that guy is a comedian and it makes me vomit that hollywood people- schwarzeneggar, reagan, etc end up bridging that gap between politics and comedy and reality

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    Americans are such nuts when it comes to 9/11

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    Jon is mostly bullshit but I'll give him this one..Albeit seems forced tho..

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    This is the country that protects its citizens? The heroes are being treated as a hindrance to society, imagine the common and poor citizens. The USA is the country that exceeds in everything such as human rights(example above) and not talking about, thefts, mass assassination, child prostitution, trade of teenagers, invasion of poor nations, and promoter of war. This is the country that Trumps love and the people elected as a President. Wake up America before its too late.

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    Love you Jon and love you First Responders!!

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    U know u are doomed when a comedian cries

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    America oh America.
    Nasty eleven, such a drama.

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    So, our government commits to zero pollution by 2050. Great. Don’t forget though that they also committed to ‘eradicating child poverty by 2020’. Only 6 months to go then before all the children are free of poverty. I’ll hang around to 2050 and remind you of their promise for fresh air then. A promise of fresh air, made by fresh air…very apt.

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    BBC proper gander machine and twist and turn the truth for their own adgenda.

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    Bypartisan…DO YOUR JOB CONGRESS !!!!!! I'm a conservative and I agree with Stuart on this. Why is there any question at all on covering these first responders medical bills ?????? If its proven that they got sick because of their work on and in the clean up of 9/11 when they were told the air quality was fineeeeee ….then they should be taken care of. Unbelievable……

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    1st of all I'm not against the 1st responders nor am I against the victims of 9/11. But not a single comment that Jon Stewart stood up there and said it's been 18 years and Congress Can't pass this bill is a little bit False. Since 911 Congress has passed multiple Bills for the victims of 911 and for the 1st responders close to 8 billion dollars has been given to the victims about 1.8 million dollars to each victim. Is the fund running out of money yes, why is it running out of money? Because for 18 years it's been paying the victims. Yet not a word of this in this video.

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    U urself did 9/11 to ur own ppl and now want compensation

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    9/11 were inside job planned by saudi israel n bush to create mess in the middle east to let this two countries rule over others

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    Ban the pedophile BBC, and its propaganda tax, called the license fee.

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    That is sick no wonder america is falling apart the government treats its people like toilet roll. When government acts like this u know u gave it to much power pick up ur machine guns and kill ur government or continue being treated like this by it

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    I think this Jew nose,sorry,…knows (((who))) is truly behind the 9/11 plot.
    Well,the rabbi who did his bris surely knows,he's a high ranking member of the B'nai b'rith.

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