Home / News / Teacher decapitated near Paris 'after showing Muhammad cartoon in class'

Teacher decapitated near Paris 'after showing Muhammad cartoon in class'

Emmanuel Macron condemns ‘Islamist terrorist attack’ after teenager holding a knife is shot dead by police


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  1. Avatar

    A small price to pay for building our multiculti utopia.
    Right, leftists?

  2. Avatar

    Diversity is our strength. Multicultural societies are more prosperous. Islam is peace.

    Note: Sarcasm

  3. Avatar

    The religion of Peace strikes again leaving people in pieces. My Christian Hindu everybody that's not Muslim arm yourself if you live in a area with a large amount of Muslims create a watch with Christian and Hindu and people of other religions. They have a Sharia patrol we should have something similar to counteract that. where I live we do have a Christian patrol we don't have any Muslims living here at least they haven't been one in 15 years. But everybody else is welcome if you're a Arab Christian or iew. We have nothing against the Arab people (Persian people). We just don't like the religion of peace that leaves you with pieces.

  4. Avatar

    Don't mock other people's beliefs

  5. Avatar

    MSM thinks that we are like dumb and dumber. I am disgust with this so called journalism.

  6. Avatar

    Learned a lesson, expell them all even if it's a little bit too late, wherever they are, there's terrorism.. They're all born to terrorize the world, they r the anti christ…

  7. Avatar

    1:26 I stopped my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    Even the france president said its ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Atleast French police directly shot the murderer , had it been in india he would have been easily walked away in the name of minority appeasement

  10. Avatar

    Oh look it’s Macron

  11. Avatar

    haha teacher head go weeeeeeeee

  12. Avatar

    Warning !



  13. Avatar

    Teacher deserve this treatment. Welldone young boy.

  14. Avatar

    Teacher used freedom of expression boy used freedom of action.

  15. Avatar

    Why is this racism? Why did the teacher, who was a fundamentalist, offend Islam? What did he benefit?

  16. Avatar

    Question: Is there any feasible way Auschwitz can be brought back to deal with the European Islamic problem?

  17. Avatar

    I see Muslims are very happy in the comments section..
    Very peace full people…
    Keep people Rest in peace…

  18. Avatar

    Maybe this is why China put their extremists into camps and try to re-educate them

  19. Avatar

    Diversity is nice, isn’t it?

  20. Avatar
    Jayasurya Raveendran

    France was a Paradise till islam comes

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