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Tax ‘excess profits’ to help with COVID-19 recovery, says NDP

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the government to tax the excess profits of companies that have increased their wealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    Selling a gold mine to china….
    Where is that cool with Canadians.
    I could go on.

  2. Avatar

    Hey smart guy….what is stopping those said rich folk from shutting down? Maybe they say that you should of handled things better? Hmmmm. Is this the Alberta shutdown all over? Should i buy more groceries and gas and a new feeezer with a generator on diesel out back.. Wth?

  3. Avatar

    Wow…minute 7:20. That's all i got.
    Why doesn't jagmeet sell his car to promote this idea…really. Just for fun!

  4. Avatar

    Wow ANOTHER video that CBC is allowing free speech on. I'm shocked.

  5. Avatar

    He wishes he could tax his "supporters" because they won't even donate to him. NDP is a joke, they are trying to hold on for dear life but they know the next election will be their end.

  6. Avatar

    Oh ya…didn't you folk get a raise. Denounce it and maybe people will listen.

  7. Avatar

    I see that Jughead has changed from the yellow turban of cowardice in favor of the purple turban of deceit.

    Do not trust the New Democratic Turbans.

  8. Avatar

    Friends: Let’s go fishing.
    Mr. NDP: Nah, it’s boring.
    Other friends: Let’s party! Come over! Everything is ready.
    Mr. NDP: I am at your door.

  9. Avatar

    This government needs to flatten the curve on their spending. You know, for the sake of future generations? And any party that will support the Liberals' minority government should be associated with numerous ethics violations.

  10. Avatar

    So many people defending the big corporations. You're all good little dogs.

  11. Avatar

    religious zealots should not have a voice in our government. They have a religious agenda that is not beneficial to free thinking people.

  12. Avatar

    Tax money is our money they are taking from us then giving it back to us and acting like they are doing us a favour with all th the stolen money and that they are helping you get back on your feet. After they made everyone lose their jobs for bafooney carney-19

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    We will not behave for a second wave. Sorry your not creating new concentration camps

  15. Avatar

    Great suggestion, people who had more should contribute more for their own fellow citizens. We all are a one here

  16. Avatar

    Jagmeat will give it too justin lol

  17. Avatar

    Let's invent a Potlatch Tax. If a company gives away all its profit now (and still pays tax on it) it gets a deferable tax credit of equal amount, that accrues interest, that the company can use at any time in the future. It would be like a bond but be exempt from capital gains tax. It would also act, in effect, like a tax deducible charitable donation but would also be an asset. Instead of reducing profit by purchasing new equipment it would be a purchase of an investment in the community. The ROI would be greater productivity from an enhanced community as well as a future tax break.

  18. Avatar

    It is very easy And helpfull information about YouTube video And monetizes your channel

  19. Avatar

    Go after excess profit???? Dying Government getting desperate. This man has sunk the NDP to the lowest level, just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower. Non party status

  20. Avatar
    That random man Bender

    Justin stands with the billionaire profiteers .

  21. Avatar

    How about you let him explain his ideas instead of constantly interrupting him to try to entrap him.
    Business would be taxed at a usual rate for what historically is their regular profit margin (including growth).
    If they have made a surplus on top of this they will be taxed at a higher rate (but still make extra profit)
    Some industries like PPE could be made exempt on this. But a huge grocery chain that already gets handouts from the government that is profiting at the expense of small local markets, no they should not be exempt.

  22. Avatar

    Jagmeet " hey we didn't manage to break everyone in canada yet, hold my beer I've got an idea"

  23. Avatar

    Singh is on the right side of this

  24. Avatar

    Maybe she should just sh. up and let him answer!

  25. Avatar

    Very cheap CBC report. it's too short, doesn't allow Jagmeet to say all he can say. SO, THUMBS DOWN for this CBC report.

  26. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    The NDP is a threat.

  27. Avatar

    More taxes. Genius. When do we get to see these treasonous bastards in prison?

  28. Avatar

    He stands with you jameet because you help him get away with all his crap!!

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    This isn't going to get the root of any wealth inequality problems. It's a merry-go-round solution. Redistribute some wealth from over-productive asset owners to under productive consumers who then quickly transfer it directly back where it came from.

  31. Avatar

    Just as temporary as Brian maronnies temporary GST bill…. yet almost 30years later GST isn't going anywhere like a cocain addict living in the parliament.

  32. Avatar

    Liberals and NDP answer everything with more taxes, then sit back and rob the coffers.

  33. Avatar

    Profits aren't just for "enjoying". Those mask manufacturers will continue to use those profits to make more masks so we NO LONGER HAVE TO IMPORT MASKS IN THE FUTURE!

  34. Avatar

    They spent our coffers dry and now they are looking to steal- i mean overtax successful businesses.

  35. Avatar

    Sounds more like they're just trying to backdoor a wealth tax, which they'll turn into a redistribution tax. So what's this crap about temporary? The government doesn't do temporary, we're still being charged "temporary taxes" that originate from both World Wars.

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