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Tapper reacts to Trump's proclamation celebrating character

As President Trump launches “Character Counts Week,” CNN’s Jake Tapper takes a look at some of the demonstrations of the President’s character over the past few weeks.
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    Does anyone believe he wrote those comments? Lol!

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    Wendy Shackelford

    I wonder who wrote that for him??🤣🤣🤣

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    He and his team know they are loosing the re-election and are now trying to stay afloat by changing their image. How pathetic, I enjoy watching them drown in their own swap.

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    The degree of hypocrisy is astounding. Who does he think he’s tricking? The way he gaslights his base is unreal. November 3…let’s take out the trash out of the White House. Vote!

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    Jake Tapper I've already voted for Joe Biden by mail in ballot Tuesday night Las Vegas NV! Donald Trump is finished!

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    Uhm You know that he didn't write that right. The president's vocabulary is that of a 3yrs old. You will never hear him say it out loud unless it's written in a paper for him.

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    Trump and his weasels are Robbing Social Security… robbing health Care-Medicare, be informed Vote straight Blue to save America from this Trump crime family.

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    He didn't write or say a single word of that. He can't write a speech that clear and concise.

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    Sebastian Garofalo

    Any news on Hunter Biden

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    It's SO OBVIOUS Trump didn't write that statement. If so, he was completely under the influence of an unknown substance!

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    I say one thing while doing the other Trump.

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    I don’t think he wrote that?

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    I don't think Trump really understands what the word character means
    Because he's never shown an ounce of character in his life.

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    Sounds like another Biden endorsement from Donnie.

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    National character is CURRENTLY…. racist, selfish, violent, corrupt, partisan, Anti-Christian, arrogant and ignorant. TIME TO CHANGE.

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    He doesn't even have an inkling of an ounce of a character in his whole entire body.

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    Oh… I think I have that same calendar of "thoughts of the day"

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    There's no way he could have typed that out himself. There's grammar and punctuation.

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    Look at Nancy Pelosi's explanation of what she meant by language on October 18, FOX NEWS: Nany Pelosi is refering to the wording language of the Republicans are using in the Stimulus proposal bill. They have Changed the wording that Pelosi put in from shall to may, meaning the laguage implies they could renege on the proposal promises, if they us words or language like may, instead of shall, which could cause the stimulus bill to have a loop hole for reneging on the deal later. The words in the sentence structure of the stimulas bill gives thwm an options to back out of the deal once the Trump cabinet have been re-elected in office leaving the public high and dry with no extra help…Nancy caught on to their slick moves. AND THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE NANCY LOOK LIKE THE BAD PERSON!!..SHOW THE PUBLIC THE ACTUAL PURPOSAL, PROVE TO US THE LANGUAGE HASN'T BEEN ALTERED, SHOW YOUR HONESTY! LET THE PEOPLE SEE THE PROPOSAL FOR THE STIMULUS BILL, ONCE AND FOR ALL, AND WE WILL DECIDE!..OR IS IT THAT NANCY CAUGHT YOU PLAYING GAMES WITH THE PEOPLE, Trying to dangle a stimulus carrot over the Peoples head trying to trick us out of our votes and change their minds after we gave them our votes on a language technically.. NANCY IS CALLING YOU OUT!!GO NANCY!! Its all up to Trump to do the Executive order before November 3rd. Or expect to get voted out!!….simple..

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    Does he think this will change any ones mind about him, doubt it.

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    We all know trump didn’t write that 🙄 and we all know that that is the exact opposite of who trump is 🤮 vote soon vote blue 🗳

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    James Sterrett Alarcón

    This president is a fraud . All Of what he says are lies . He is a hypocrite .

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    He is just repeating someone else words, probably words from a decent GOP counsellor trying to save the boat from the shipwreck announced by the polls. Despite being a pathological liar, he cannot deliver such a speech aloud because he does not understand a single word. The language level of the proclamation(1) is way over Trump's capacity.

    (1) https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-october-15-october-21-2017-national-character-counts-week/

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    I would like to know who wrote it for Trump? He's a buffoon who has a vocabulary of fifty words (if that) and can't string two words together (that makes any sense, anyway). Close your eyes and imagine him saying those words. 🤔

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    HA ! This is r rich. Just because someone wrote those words for you dump doesn't mean you have any understanding of their meaning.To little far too late. Vote Blue All the Way !!!!!!

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    LOL !!! T rump with good character … pure fiction.

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    Thousands of people turned out on the streets in California today just to get a look at President Trump!!The Biden crime family has been exposed although the media and social media platforms try to hide it. Drs. that are saying masks don't really do anything are being banned. 35,000 drs. signed a letter saying lockdowns don't work!!! The w.h.o changed their stance on lockdowns , now they say they are a bad idea.

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