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Trump campaign cries foul on final debate topics

Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden are preparing for the final US presidential debate later on Thursday. Organisers in Nashville in the US state of Tennessee have made changes to the format aimed at avoiding a repeat of the first debate, during which Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden as …

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How has COVID-19 changed the US campaign? | Inside Story

Throughout 2020 few things have separated Democrats and Republicans more than their approaches to campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic. That was never clearer than on Saturday when Donald Trump held a rally on the White House lawn to mark his return to campaigning after testing positive for the virus. How …

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Trump holds first public event since COVID-19 diagnosis

The US president’s doctor says Donald Trump has been cleared to continue campaigning, but will not confirm when he last tested negative. On Saturday, Trump addressed a crowd of hundreds at the White House. While the event was said to be a White House and not a campaign event for …

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Pence, Harris address racism, Supreme Court, COVID-19 in debate

US Vice President Mike Pence and his Democratic rival Kamala Harris have squared off over the challenges facing the nation. Standing several metres apart and separated by a transparent screen, they sparred over the coronavirus pandemic, the economy and global warming. But it was much less raucous than last week’s …

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