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What happens if the US election result is contested?

The 2020 election could cause one of the greatest constitutional crises in the US since 2000. Increased voting by mail might mean a result isn’t declared for weeks. And if the votes aren’t counted in time, who will take charge of the country? The battle for the White House could …

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Trump 'has realised NATO is very valuable', says US ambassador

Donald Trump has “come to the realisation” that NATO is “very valuable”, the US ambassador to NATO has told Sky News. Kay Bailey Hutchison said the US President has asked NATO allies to “step up”, which they have done. He has previously accused European countries of failing to pay their …

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NATO's Identity Crisis, Explained | WSJ

NATO’s 70th anniversary celebrations have become the setting of a political drama in which allies display disagreement over the organization’s role. WSJ’s James Marson explains what these tensions mean for the future of the alliance. Photo: Ludovic Marin/Reuters More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: Visit the WSJ Video …

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