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COVID-19: The economic virus

What began as a health crisis has become an economic catastrophe. Coronavirus has thrown the viability of entire industries into doubt and exposed the vulnerability of globally connected businesses, and the jobs, companies and communities they support. Few industries have been as badly affected as aviation, the global collapse in …

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How Much Will the Covid-19 Vaccine Cost? | WSJ

As government and private money pour into the global race for a Covid-19 vaccine, drugmakers are under great pressure to keep the shot affordable while also keeping investors happy. WSJ explains what this means for the final price tag of the jabs. Illustration: Crystal Tai More from the Wall Street …

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Inside Apple’s Rise to $2 Trillion | WSJ

Apple reached a staggering $2 trillion market valuation in August, despite years of doubt from critics over whether the tech giant could continue to succeed after the death of Steve Jobs. Here’s a look at Apple’s rise to the very top. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ More from the Wall Street Journal: …

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Why Making Apple iPhones in America Is So Hard | WSJ

As Apple tries to escape tariffs and the trade war, it is moving production out of China—but not to the U.S. Here’s how the tech giant has become so reliant on a global supply chain. Video: George Downs and Ksenia Shaikhutdinova. Illustration: George Downs #WSJ #Apple #iPhone

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