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Show Me the Monet: Banksy painting sells for £7.5m at auction

Banksy’s reimagining of Claude Monet’s impressionist water lilies has fetched more than £7.5m at auction, easily surpassing expectations. Show Me the Monet was created in 2005 and adds abandoned shopping trolleys and a traffic cone to the famous garden scene. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Banksy’s Show me …

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Why horror keeps creeping into black drama

Shows such as I May Destroy You, Atlanta and Insecure depict a wide spectrum of black life, from hilarity to mundanity – but all these shows, at times, also have an impending sense of doom. This feeling of horror, this looming sense of dread, is intentional, but it plays on …

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No ball games: life and play through the eyes of children across the UK

Celebrating the imagination and resourcefulness of young children across the UK by understanding the outdoor games they invent, inherit and play. The documentary was shot before Covid-19 changed their lives, and shifts from rural Wales to post-industrial Teesside and inner-city London. What challenges will these young people face in the …

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Anime gets blackness wrong, here's how fans are fixing it

Josh Toussaint-Strauss loves anime but too often sees black characters portrayed using racist stereotypes. Even some of the biggest and well-loved shows, like Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop and One Punch Man, fail in their representation of black characters. This is part of the reason why being a black fan …

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