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Waymo offers driverless taxis to the public for the first time

Waymo, the driverless car unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has launched a driverless taxi service to the public for the first time. The new service will first be offered in Phoenix, Arizona, as Alphabet looks to finally transform its robot driving unit into a revenue-generating business. Waymo said it will start …

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How Tesla Became the Most Valuable Auto Maker in the World | WSJ

Tesla’s stock has more than tripled since the start of the year, giving it a market capitalization larger than many behemoths of American industry. But its rise wasn’t necessarily driven by fundamentals. WSJ explains. Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: Visit the WSJ Video Center: …

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How Tesla's Stock Jumped 200% in Half a Year | WSJ

WSJ’s Tim Higgins explores how CEO Elon Musk turned Tesla into the most valuable U.S. auto maker of all time. Photo: Philip Pacheco/Getty Images More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: Visit the WSJ Video Center: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Snapchat: #WSJ #Tesla

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Why Car Windows Have Little Black Dots

Every now and then, you get stuck in traffic. So what do you do? You stare blankly at your windshield, right. And you probably notice the little black dots around the edges. Ever wondered what those are for? But black dots aren’t the only part of your car that might …

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8 Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know

Are you one of those drivers who trust their car mechanic fully? Good for you if you’ve found a true professional who takes good care of your vehicle! Unfortunately, not all mechanics are responsible and honest with their customers. There are several things they don’t want you to know so …

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Invisible Car Crash Prank

| Subscribe! Another version of the “let’s scare people by playing loud car crash sounds through speakers” hidden camera prank. Buy JFL Stuff! Visit our other channels: JUST KIDDING PRANKS: Hidden Camera Classics: Social Animal? Here are a few interesting links: Twitter: Facebook: Puppies: A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official …

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