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Water on the moon could help establish a lunar base

Could this be the beginning of the next giant leap for humankind – after scientists at the US space agency Nasa said they’d found unambiguous evidence of water on sunlit parts of the moon’s surface?(Subscribe: It’s raised hopes that future space exploration could be transformed, once more research has been …

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'Water traps' found on moon's surface

Water could be more common on the moon than previously thought in what would provide ‘everything that NASA needs’ for future lunar missions. Natural supplies of water there would allow astronauts to hydrate themselves and could provide fuel for other space missions. Researchers have suggested that in some cases tiny …

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The Real Story Behind the Apollo 11 Computer Error | WSJ

Perhaps the most dramatic moment of Apollo 11’s mission to the moon was when the Eagle began its final descent to the lunar surface and the Apollo Guidance Computer became overloaded. Few were more nervous than the young computer programmer who had written the code for the landing. On the …

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