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T. Boone Pickens: Philanthropist, legendary oil tycoon dies at 91 | USA TODAY

Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens dies at 91.
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T. Boone Pickens joined other billionaires in signing a “giving pledge” in promising to donate a majority of his wealth to charity.

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  1. Avatar

    Philanthropist = Wealthy Parasite who gives some $$$ away in order to AVOID paying Taxes-which is ALWAYS a higher amount…

  2. Avatar

    Oil Man = Anti-Human TERRORIST…

  3. Avatar

    T. Boone was a great American patriot.

  4. Avatar

    I had never heard of him before but he seemed like a nice man. Condolences.

  5. Avatar

    The "people" leaving nasty comments on here will be met with a big dose of KARMA one day soon. Enjoy!!

  6. Avatar

    You forgot to mention Conspiracy Theorist who spearheaded the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Campaign to the tune of $2 Million!

  7. Avatar

    At one time, he wanted to buy 1/2 Texas.. not for the land but for the water rights. Shame on him.
    The Ogallala Aquifer!
    He wanted to take a desert out near Dallas. Build subdivisions.
    Then pump water from the Aquifer to those burbs.
    It would have wiped out every farmer and rancher in the mid and southwest.

  8. Avatar

    Well .. he's one of the punks that was involved in the Kennedy murder .. he's doing well in hell

  9. Avatar

    Abraham H Parnassus is celebrating this day, for he has CRRRRUSHED HIS ENEMIES INTO THE GROUND!!!

  10. Avatar

    Jon Kerry called, said "Rest in Peace douchebag."

  11. Avatar

    You forgot to mention that he sold his energy plan to China… To be fair the US told him to F-off, but still it was a turncoat move

  12. Avatar

    I see that liberal cockroaches have infested the comments section with vile and hate. But, what else do you expect from them?

  13. Avatar

    The “old white boys club” has more memberships opening up every day. Hopefully those spots will never be filled.

  14. Avatar

    And also ruined the world with fracking…

  15. Avatar

    He shoulda been called T Bone Pickens lol. But his fat friends just called him Slim.
    Also, I don’t trust people that go by an initial followed by their middle name and last names.

  16. Avatar

    Most notorious corporate raider of the 20th century. Let’s all bow our heads and remember such a beloved man of the working man.

  17. Avatar

    Thank you T-Bone for pissing off liberals in the comment section

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