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Syria conflict: Inside the final rebel stronghold – BBC News

The crisis inside the last rebel area in Syria is deepening, with millions of people who have long opposed the regime trapped at the border with Turkey.

The UN says it’s the greatest exodus of the war, and warns that there is now no safe shelter in Idlib.

The BBC’s Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports.

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    God bless Bashar AL Assad
    Greetings from Greece!

  2. Avatar

    Mixing up jihadist along with children. Great propaganda job BBC

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    =political organization, irresponsible. They are against the Syrian population. They are feeding viboras, very dangerous. Be impartial

  4. Avatar

    BBC You forgot to mention that the rebels are jihadists fighting for a sharia state with no interest in democracy, that Turkey is helping Turkmen Islamist Party and HTC (former Al-Nusra and Al-Kaida) and that there are corridors open for people willing to return but they are driven away by jihadists. And since when is Al-Kaida less evil than Assad?

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    Bless bashar al Assad and his army. Al quaida scum will be dead soon.

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    Side effects of islam, keep fighting forever

  7. Avatar

    Why no matter how bad it gets,they just keep having kids.If they really cared about there children,they would stop having more.

  8. Avatar

    They can stop fighting and their kids will be safe.But Turkey ,Saudi and other support those fighers-for What?

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    Most hypicrite news BBC
    How many lies will u tell people..
    No shame no honor
    How long u will be telling lies
    When talking about terrorists US n UK can invade entire countries but when it comes to own govt ..u show the wrong side that people dislike asad govt
    I spit on u english ignorants

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    Poor BBC… don’t know which way to turn … Harvey Weinstein …. METTOO OR BACK THE JEW. What a quandary for the WOKE BBC

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    the BBC won't tell you this but this whole war was all about a natural gas pipeline. One backed by the US and another by Russia. Syria was the crossroad

    Qatar-Turkey Pipeline: Qatar > Saudi Arabia > Jordan > Syria > Turkey and into Europe. (US-backed)
    Friendship Pipeline: Iran > Iraq > Syria > Lebanon – Bypasses Turkey and then into Europe. (Russia-backed)

  13. Avatar

    He starts with a sober propaganda voice thus: a darkness is closing in on Idlib. Let darkness envelope all the Alqaida militants there, I wish that Russia will drop a nuclear bomb that kills all the Alqaida, HTS and ISIS 'rebels' but sparing all the innocent people 🤗

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    Harvey Weinstein is caught, remains Andrew and all of you in BBC spreading propaganda against Syria

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    This is only a one-sided story…..If Britain, Turkey and US care about these people, then they should stop supporting the terrorist (ISIS, Al Qaeda) from Saudi Arabia, Old Russian countries, the British/French/American forces occupying Syria). They are only there for one reason and one reason Only. To eliminate all non-friendly government around Israel. They Don Not Give A Damn about Syrian People.

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    No one should blame New York One station managers for not
    wanting to continue spending hard earned advertising dollars on hair dye and
    make-up on aging women broadcasters, when it would be so much easier to just
    replace them with younger women with less upkeep, which is exactly what they

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    This is not Hollywood and those are not artist, Essad killed innocent people, there are many refugees in the border.

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    We killed ISIS leader Baghdadi in Idlib but his army of terrorists are still in Idlib and the Syrian army took advantage of the death of their leader.
    There are no rebels in Idlib, they are die hard Al Qaida fighters.

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    How long these medias are gonna defend these terrorists who are responsible for killings in Europe how long ?????? 😡😡😡😞😞😞

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