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Sydney stabbing: moment knife-wielding man was restrained by public after rampage

NSW police have hailed members of the public who restrained a knife-wielding man as heroes. The man was taken into custody after allegedly wounding one woman and trying to randomly stab others on the streets of Sydney’s central business district. Another woman has been found dead in an apartment nearby. Superintendent Gavin Wood from NSW police told reporters: ‘A number of members of the public physically restrained the offender. I want to acknowledge those members of the public who got involved. They were significantly brave people’
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    Guy was called Mert May (Turkish name).
    Had a USB drive full of terrorism-related material.
    Utilised a well known rallying cry and attack method.
    His friend's have reported that he recently converted to a certain religion.

    But we're to believe that this is an isolated incident…

  2. Avatar

    Guardian banning all comments mentioning his obvious motives

  3. Avatar

    he was shouting allahu akbar when he was doing it, why no mention of that?

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    gosh, those guys are beautiful <3 <3 <3

  5. Avatar

    “He was a white guy”….thanks for that Guardian , not doubt that’s all your target audience were interested in.

  6. Avatar

    It's time to ban all Butchers Knives!!! Australia must do the right thing!!! ……yes I'm being sarcastic…..sorta.

  7. Avatar

    Did Trump’s divisive rhetoric cause this? Or was it Tory cuts? Can Owen Jones investigate? He could do with a holiday to Australia to relax and get over his exhausting trip to Glastonbury.

  8. Avatar

    No mention of the antisemitic attack in St Alban's the other day, either….

  9. Avatar

    He was definitely shouting " Aloha Snack Bar!"

  10. Avatar

    It's those toxicly masculine, white heterosexual men being Islamophobic and denying the peacefulness of religion. Fascists.

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