Home / News / Suspended Grammy CEO Says The Awards Ceremony Is ‘Rigged’ | NBC Nightly News

Suspended Grammy CEO Says The Awards Ceremony Is ‘Rigged’ | NBC Nightly News

In Deborah Dugan’s only taped on-camera interview, she tells Kate Snow that the Recording Academy offered her millions of dollars if she would keep her silence. She refused.
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Suspended Grammy CEO Says The Awards Ceremony Is ‘Rigged’ | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    It's rigged The ceo is a tranz & all of the "women" beuty "queens are men also. RIGGED.

  2. Avatar

    I’ve not watched the Grammys once 😂

  3. Avatar

    BTS got rigged LOL!! Now I know why.

  4. Avatar

    Hahahaha busted .disgusted AND not to be trusted.

  5. Avatar

    Bravo!!! No surprise!! May now can SHANE the really start!!!! No fake!!

  6. Avatar

    Just like presidential elections I mean selections

  7. Avatar

    Power = Influence = Wealth…… That's pretty much all you need to know about politicians and politics today. They only time they pretend to care about us is voting time.

  8. Avatar

    We knew the process was NOT FAIR – EVER!!!! Yet, people wonder why African-American/BLACKS & Latinos have had to establish own our Awards Shows!!!! The TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE UNDENIABLE & TRAGIC!!!! ❤️🖤💚💛

  9. Avatar

    Of course it is!! This isn't surprising! Just remember what happened to India Irie..7 nominations but no win..

  10. Avatar

    Soooooo India Arie should of had them all…#bloop😌

  11. Avatar

    D'uh, it's America where the almighty Zionist dollar reigns supreme.

  12. Avatar

    Grammys Rigged by whom White Christian Males or Jewish Faux White Males with pecuniary interests?

  13. Avatar

    They also use it in politics. The Democrats are the party of slavery and segregation and the KKK, now they just enslave minds.

  14. Avatar

    Harvey Weinstein Own the GRAMMY's too…only in America !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Avatar

    Of course it is rigged. They proved it more when they gave Cardi that award lol

  16. Avatar

    Breaking news: the wealthy donors choose our politicians

  17. Avatar

    Sounds like they need to get Ronan Farrow on the case

  18. Avatar

    Nicki Minaj spoke on this before everybody. Don’t forget that

  19. Avatar

    She is lying based on her actions lol

  20. Avatar

    She’s only confirming what we all knew. These awards shows are boring anyways…just get rid of them.

  21. Avatar

    Of course its rigged…The most talented people in music (we know who) are never represented…

  22. Avatar

    Jews and honesty never go together so what is new about this?

  23. Avatar

    If she was offered 5 million would she still refuse? The issue is not about the "Rigged" part; it is about that SHE WANTED MORE MONEY!!.

  24. Avatar

    dude must have been "swift" in screwing the young girl who wanted a Grammy… lol

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