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Suspect arrested in Lyon after attack on Orthodox priest

The priest, who was shot at around 16h CET on Saturday, is in a serious condition.


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  1. Avatar

    First view and first comment..

  2. Avatar

    And still, all their Mosques are up and running!!!
    Why France???

  3. Avatar

    autre false flag les sionistes et franc macons sont devenus fous

  4. Avatar

    France is becoming a 3rd world country just like sweden, italy🤔.

  5. Avatar
    Md Enamul Haque Emon

    Election ! Election ! Election !
    Do the politicians think French people are really this stupid? Each attack is on people with completely different backgrounds and beliefs, these completely unrelated attacks are well co-ordinated just to manage the votes from different groups of people. It doesn't even take a genius to see who is behind this, think who is the gainer here.

  6. Avatar

    Wow someone deleting comments when you highlight who is responsible for this attacks. So euronews suppors terrorists? Interesting

  7. Avatar

    Too much heat in the head and too much sand in the * leads up to this

  8. Avatar

    The moon god is the god of psychopaths. Allah is the moon god. Muhammad is his servant. Numerous examples of this. Beard growing long like werewolves. Moon over mosques. Moon god also for crazies. islam when you live in the desert you see clear skies a lot. the moon god is always visible. crazies.

  9. Avatar

    All the desert religions are not good philosophies for Europe. Islam, Judaism and yes Christianity too. Europe needs to return to itself finally. Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Odin, Perun and many others. THAT is Europe!

  10. Avatar
    George Augusto Rodrigues

    Europe is overrated.

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