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Surgery backlogs will get worse without government funding, CMA says

The backlog of surgeries caused by COVID-19 will only get worse without government funding says the Canadian Medical Association.

Read more: www.cbc.ca/1.5777843

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  1. Avatar

    The government is killing more people than covid ever could and the media supports it without questioning anything.

  2. Avatar

    But no one can dethrone the laughingstock of the world, the U.S

  3. Avatar

    This is precisely why socialized healthcare is a terrible idea.

  4. Avatar

    The actions of the puppets in Ottawa are why the backlogs happened in the first place.

  5. Avatar

    The Hammer House of Horror treatment Cochrane gave to the stats at the beginning of this episode was very odd considering the daily changes for Ontario were so favourable. The 827 new cases for October 26 was a 2.8% decrease from October 25. The four deaths reported were two less than the previous day (although there can be late reporting of deaths). There were also 691 resolved cases, a 1.9% increase from the day before. On the most important statistic, the number of deaths, deaths have not exceeded 10 per day in any day from July forward, although there were more than 80 deaths per day when the pandemic peaked in April. From the interview itself the clear message is that this obsessional focus on the pandemic, which passed its peak months ago, is having terribly serious repercussions for Ontarians suffering from other maladies.

  6. Avatar

    lol. Everyone looking for handouts. 🤣
    The people keep voting in Libs. The Libs keep getting involved in corruption scandals. The NDP and Greens back them. The Media covers for them. The Conservatives can't get things done. The Bank of Canada keeps printing money. The Finance Minister has no expertise in Finance. Canada is screwed, and the snoozing sheeple don't even care. LOL

  7. Avatar

    Because they are maliciously locking down the hospitals and furloughing thousands of medical providers across both countries. Extortion.

  8. Avatar

    The lockdowns are 10 times more deadly than the virus itself.

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