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Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett questioned on 2nd day of hearings | HIGHLIGHTS

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett faced tough questions on issues including abortion, health care and the possibility of her having to rule on a case involving the 2020 presidential election during the second day of hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Barrett stressed she has not committed herself to anyone on how she would rule on an election dispute, saying she would commit to consider all factors about whether to recuse herself but she would not allow herself “to be used as a pawn to decide this election for the American people.”

Asked about her opinion on abortion and the case of Roe v. Wade, she sidestepped questions about whether she agreed with former Justice Antonin Scalia that the case was “wrongly decided,” saying she is not going into the court with an “agenda” to overturn the case. She also added when asked about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, that she was “not on a mission to destroy” it.

Democrats have been concerned based on comments by President Donald Trump that Coney Barrett could possibly join other conservative justices on the court and overturn the health care legislation.

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  1. Avatar

    If the court is forced to decide the election they will use Bush vs Gore December 12th 2000 precedent in doing so.

  2. Avatar
    Crypto Grandma Talks

    GOP has unethically packed fed courts because they refused to consider Garland 9 mo before an election but are considering Barrett during an election. Same with a 100 fed judgeships. Therefore, dems should expand court to 13 & appoint a liberal Constitutional scholar Chemerinsky, Obama, an indigenous judge & a black female.

  3. Avatar

    She is the best, simply the best.

  4. Avatar

    She is a fantastic person.

  5. Avatar

    Smug …She could easily delay her instalation till later.. just shows intent.

  6. Avatar

    God has no business making our laws

  7. Avatar

    Government interfearing in people's personal lives should be kept to a minimum. That's all I have to say. If its not it always leads to higher taxes, more beaurocracy etc. Its not about ideology, its about feasibility.

  8. Avatar

    She is perfect for the position. She will be confirmed!

  9. Avatar

    Doesn't answer any question of substance?

  10. Avatar

    Leave it to Trump… Amy Barrett is an Ace in the Hole, she's very smart, likeable and
    more than qualified, in fact they don't get much better!

  11. Avatar

    Boo! No nomination before inauguration

  12. Avatar

    The she version of Bill Barr

  13. Avatar

    if a Muslim country just appointed a religious judge there would be uproar in western world but USA is allowed

  14. Avatar

    She would KNOW that racism IS systemic and even a 7yr old can see its outsides

  15. Avatar
    Kush_Wizardly •

    She’s more intelligent than anyone in this comment section.

  16. Avatar

    I am more impressed with Amy than I was with Gorsuch. Gorsuch was very clear and very smart, but Amy is a scholar, a thinker, almost a legal supermind. She is trully worthy of the position.

  17. Avatar

    That's my WOMAN thank you Mr Trump

  18. Avatar

    She getting confirmed one way or another….Thank god…Demtards just want to destroy the constitution and sell us out to China. Vote all liberals and dems out everywhere.

  19. Avatar

    Part of what makes us great today is what we did wrong in the past.
    To learn, you must try, sometimes good and sometimes bad comes of it. But you learn, as we did. Knowing the past is how we improve the future. Don't look back for the answers, look back for the lessons learned.

  20. Avatar

    She will do just fabulously!!!!!💪

  21. Avatar

    Interesting to me that Republicans initially back in the day largely approved of Roe v Wade because it kept the government OUT of the lives of the citizen. So strange how things have changed. Let’s say who can get married, who has to give birth, who can serve, etc

  22. Avatar

    I love how Barrett displays such grace under pressure. She shot them all down.

  23. Avatar

    she is perfect. trump 2020 in a landslide. polls are fake

  24. Avatar

    she's like a navy seal without the ego

  25. Avatar

    the smartest people are often the most humble-like amy

  26. Avatar

    I’m waiting for the fashion fans to pick up that she wore the same colour dress on both days. If appointed she will be the sixth catholic on the Supreme Court, along with two Jewish justices, and one Protestant. Shouldn’t there be affirmative action for Protestant’s?

  27. Avatar

    Is another sad, "ugly ?" episode, in 'LIVE' broadcast in US modern history – the insidious hideous of this "bipartisan hearing, event" BY ALL WHOM HAD PARTAKE IN IT – if, there's what constitute THE WORD – BOYCOTT meaningfully, THIS IS IT, THE DEMOCRATS OR WHOEVER APPALLED BY IT – SHOULD NEVER, NEVER EVEN BEEN THERE, PRESENCE IN FIRST INSTANCE.
    Contrary, is for "whom the bell tolls", serve own purpose, cause.

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