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Superspreader events, explained

The phrase superspreader has been used to describe everything from a motorcycle rally to a White House event. Defining what a superspreader actually entails in the context of a pandemic is complicated. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    the disinformation president and his inability to learn is the biggest problem we have.

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    Aubrianna Lyons Eden Bryant

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    Is this the same as spreading your fake bullshit, asking for truth and it might be a problem for you

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    Where is the unbiased report on super spreading events that arent mention because they are of lieberal in design, but are squashed by the media?
    Such as the BLM protests and the peaceful, destructive riots?
    Why is it only those that are conservative in nature being spread but not lieberal in nature?
    Sounds as if someone is intentionally spreading the virus..

    From a different point of view..

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    Spreading the virus is good, it brings immunity.
    The idea that we could stop the virus comes from dumb social constructionists who were brainwashed at college.
    People who are in contact with reality know that lockdown was dumb and very damaging.
    Modern scientists are a burden on society.

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    Trinity Barnes River Paul

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    Riots are safe, dead democrats having multi city funeral tours are safe, but Americans peacefully assembling are superspeader event's. Smh, the blatant hypocrisy of democrats is nauseating.

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    How hard is it to wear a mask.

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