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"Sudden & spectacular rise": French PM lays out measures to stem spread of coronavirus

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➡️ No private parties, no weddings and no late night trips to the bar – France details plans to fight what its Prime Minister has called a sudden and spectacular rise in covid-19 cases.
➡️ We’ll have the latest from Bxl where EU leaders have been meeting for the first time in months to talk trade ties with the UK post-Brexit.
➡️ And… The EU imposes sanctions on six Russians over the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

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    If you need to, every number can be raised. Especially if those who needs to check the numbers are in bed with those who needs the numbers to be raised. So tomorrow i snees (allergy) get tested and will be positive for flu (corona/covid). Why? Because their goals (Cashless Society and RFID Chip in your R-Hand and more) needs higher numbers.

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    By April or sooner, 1 out of every 370 Americans above the age of 45 will have died because of covid.

    Today in USA, 1 out of every 690 American above the age of 45 has died because of covid. 1000 gone every day.
    145 million Americans above age 45 / 210,000 Americans above age 45 are dead = 690
    145 million Americans above age 45 / 400,000 Americans above age 45 dead = 370
    ….. math and science doesn’t lie and downplay human suffering ….. sociopaths do.

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