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Subscriptions Everywhere! Clean Up Those Forgotten Monthly Fees

Everything from your toilet paper to your newspaper now has a subscription. With the help of a money-sucking vacuum cleaner, WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains why everything has turned into a service—and how to get your cash back. Photo Illustration: Laura Kammermann/WSJ

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    Wowwwww youtubeeeee

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    R.I.P to Free internet…….

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    They are after one thing , your 💸 ! Protect it or be exploited.

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    Oh boy I can't wait to pay a monthly subscription for access to my Wifi connected shoes in the future

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    You can just tell it’s gonna be a Joanna Stern video 😂

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    How much cash do you have to make, to not know what subscriptions you have?

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    Pen paper ? What’s next writing by candlelight playing the gramophone dancing the JJ’s with gin and dubonie ? Lol

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    Great idea. I’m off to cancel my Wall Street Journal subscription. Money saved 🤣👍🏻

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    If you forget that you’re paying for a subscription you’ve got some dough💵💵
    I remember the date they take out all of my subscriptions

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    Netflix is the only worthit one

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