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Sub dive reveals Titanic decay – BBC News

The first people to dive down to the Titanic in nearly 15 years say it is deteriorating.

Over the course of five sub dives, an international team of deep-sea explorers surveyed the wreck.

While some parts of the sunken ship were in surprisingly good condition, other features have been lost to the sea.

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  1. Avatar

    Waste of time waste of money waste of bbc

  2. Avatar

    I do love how the media keep the whole "Titanic story" alive, so more cash can be ripped off from humankind

  3. Avatar

    Not thinking how I dictate or voting how I tell you may or could make the Titanic deteriorate.

  4. Avatar

    What is that 'something' the wreck has to say?

  5. Avatar

    It was built from nature, it will go back to nature in time. RIP Titanic

  6. Avatar

    Is it true that the ship had Irish slaves on it?

  7. Avatar

    I won't be paying a licence for a paedophile network bbc

  8. Avatar

    Who cares! Only the media. With all that's going in the world now, from trade Wars, to crime, to gun violence, who really cares about a ship that sunk decades ago! Only the media, as usual they like to reminisce and fantasize about the old days as a way to avoid today's reality.

  9. Avatar

    Another example of hollywood creating a narrative to help hide the truth. Sinking this ship allowed the federal reserve to become the central bank for America. Some powerful men who opposed a private bank controlling the USA were conveniently killed. Others conveniently didn't board the ship. But keep the myth alive BBC. You and Hollywood both do a fantastic job of protecting banking elites and pedophiles, especially the satanic ones.

  10. Avatar

    Only reason why people care about this shipwreck is due to James Cameron and Hollywood. Tells you a lot about how societies that create a romanticised image of an incident that happened many times in history. But only this one shipwreck has everyone’s attention.

  11. Avatar

    You can't seriously expect the Titanic to be in pristine condition after spending over a hundred years underwater.

  12. Avatar

    Isn’t it a good thing that the ship is eventually gonna be reclaimed by the ocean and the creatures living down there? That’s just the circle of life under the sea man🌊🌊🌊

  13. Avatar

    And Kate Winslet is still giving her acceptance speech……

  14. Avatar

    Where's Dirk Pitt when one needs him?

  15. Avatar

    are we planning to drag it onto land any time soon? I mean, it is polluting the ocean, right? and plus, the titanic isn't a meant to be a gigantic coral, it's meant to be a gigantic ship

  16. Avatar

    So glad she hasn't been forgotten.

  17. Avatar

    All its survivors have died.
    How about we leave the Titanic alone now.

  18. Avatar

    Was that day
    Ship build on when technology was not that much improved,
    Camara used be like box and movable on wheels surely black and white,
    They buy ship without any software design help,
    Everything done by sheet or drawing) scratching work,
    Engineer build the unsinkable ship,
    Nature is vicious
    This how it looks now ,
    That wat time when there is class system high class /low class/medium class
    It still exists , but at least talk in good manner may there are not good in heart but good on outside,
    The only creator gave chance to be creative and build this beautiful world
    But the human greed / stupidity /intelligence ,
    Whatso on you call it we destroying the world more faster way tha it could have naturally..

  19. Avatar

    so will the romance of Jack and Rose?

  20. Avatar

    The titanic has been down there over 107 years. It now belongs to nature and the creatures that surround it. Let her Rest In Peace.

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