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Sturgeon reads out Salmond messages

Nicola Sturgeon read out WhatsApp messages between her and Alex Salmond to Sky’s Sophy Ridge as Scotland’s First Minister answered questions about how long she knew of sexual misconduct allegations against her former colleague.

Mr Salmond, a former First Minister, was cleared of 13 charges of sexual assault, attempted rape and indecent exposure at the High Court in Edinburgh in March 2020.

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  1. Avatar

    Tick tock, ya wee cow.

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    I here poison dwarfs do not have a brain. This prat proves it.

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    Her face has gone as red as her dress,,,,, FFs Nicola, gonna stoap talking pish

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    A highly accomplished liar.

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    Look at those eyelids flickering

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    Interviewer should be awarded a degree in how to ask stupid questions? 2+2=4 how did that happen FM?!

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    She is not sitting in front of that bookshelf.. it looks all wrong, like super- imposed?

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    Case's doubling🔙https://youtu.be/I7gn3l2NsV4

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    Sky news getting their facts wrong as usual.

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    Sturgeon knew salmond is a pervert and she tried to bury it

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    Absolute b/s from nippy sweetie,
    No more people dying than the Last 5years, apart from extra suicides, and extra cancer deaths, testing a waste of time, r rate a waste of time,our governments a waste of space,agenda 2030 all they are interested in.
    Look at Belarus, world bank tried to bribe them in a lockdown, mad,mad,mad

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    That’s because everyone is doing there own thing. It’s like business as usual here in the north of Scotland. I’m sick and have been locked down the whole time apart from hospital visits but everyone else is pretty much doing what they normally do. She’s an absolute joke!! People are just sick of seeing her face. 🙄

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    Something's Fishy.

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    At least she shows her face more than Boris Johnson has done throughout this unfortunately ongoing pandemic

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    Look at her nose growing

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    FACTS: The Government already admits that dangerous side effects can accompany vaccines as evidenced by the existing Vaccine Damage Payment legislation (https://www.gov.uk/vaccine-damage-payment) If vaccines are safe why is there pre-existing legislation for compensation payments? Sir Patrick Vallance (Chief Medical Advisor to the Government) is a £600,000 shareholder in one of the companies (GlaxoSmithCline) contracted by the Government to develop and sell their mandated vaccine. Chris Whitley (Chief Medical Officer) has previously been awarded a £31 million grant from the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation to finance one of his projects. No conflict of interests there, then, just the usual cesspit of corruption, arrogance and lies. (Source:


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    Raspberry Strawberry

    Sturgeon is the greatest women in the UK

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    Sturgeon cares more about Africa,Pakistan and India more than Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 she must go

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    Check Dr Vernon Coleman for a common-sense, accurate, rational and analytical viewpoint on the current concerns with health and the Government https://brandnewtube.com/@DrVernonColeman

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    I got to say this is the biggest book collection of all the pricks who have been interviewed so far !!!

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    Fake news.

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    I find Ridge's questioning about Salmond inappropriate, basic and tabloid. NS has huge responsibility trying to deal with this virus- she doesn't need a bland journalist outside Scotland asking such questions.

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    us scots will not support indipendence so give it up

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    do people really still believe there is a killer plague

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    Sturgeon , salmond. Something is fishy about this.

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