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Strong youth turnout in early voting in 2020 election

CNN’s Dana Bash speaks with students on both sides of the aisle at the University of Virginia about why they are voting and the general youth voter turnout for the 2020 election.

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    BLM = Biden's Laptop Matters

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    Qiáo·bài dēng is the glorius Chinese name of Joe Biden, we might as well practice, since he morgaged the presidency to China. Can CNN provide hard facts on the contrary to Hunter Biden's former business partner allegations, Bobulinski, not simply keep in denial, which we should say its a complicit silence?

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    One million young early voters doesn't really seem like a big number to me. There are over 200 million eligible voters in this country. Plus this year is different because of the push for mail-in and early voting so there's no history to compare it to. Also, youths between 18-24 make up about 18% of the eligible voting base so I would guess about 35 million fall into that age demographic. Therefore, one million of them voting early doesn't seem to describe them as "highly engaged" or "energized". Hopefully many of them will vote in this election but I'm just trying to keep it real. This just doesn't seem like a newsworthy statistic to me.

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    If young Americans vote Trump it’s an indictment of your pathetic education system

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    TRUMP 2020 – 2024 LET'S GO!

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    About time young people vote

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    Joe is'nt stupid, he has dimentia.the people voting for him are. (From Nigeria)

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    Covid super spreaders young Democrats not wearing gloves touching peoples doorbells handrails door knockers .
    Hypocrites stay in your Basement with your leader

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    anyone who voted for the dems is seriously deranged

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    I think it is wonderful !!! Seeing young voters getting it done !!!

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    Miami Trancemissions

    CNN simply cannot accept reality. The Democrat Party is a sinking ship and people are jumping off. The American people are done with fake news.

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    From the age, we have the right to vote we should all be voting. This needs to continue. Our youth, as well as everyone else, need to use discernment. Parents learn and then teach your children before they turn 18 the process they need to follow in order to be a responsible American. Be a good example of what it means to be a part of our republic. Don't complain if you are not a part of the process. We are responsible for our country. This should not be 'trendy'. This is our right and our responsibility. Everyone needs to learn to look globally and not just their to their individual concerns. One affects the other. Always be a part of the process and cast your vote in every election for all aspects of government. Politicians start at the bottom and work their way up. You need to be aware of what they are doing before they become a problem.

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    Warning : Intelligence is spreading https://youtu.be/SkJPDXrlP6w

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    When you vote who really wins the people or the ones that want what they want because after they vote people are still not HAPPY

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    Oh hell yeah, Trump 2020 energy!

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    Yes the young voters are coming out, and unlike the older voters that have been sort of stuck with this single party mentality. They recognize what politicians are doing. More and more young minority voters see how people have been lied to over, and over. Young Black voters refuse to live on the democrat plantation. Seeing promise after promise ignored, and forgotten. There numbers will be huge, but this year all the numbers will be huge.

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    Young people are the future. So listen to them.

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    Johnny NutShot ASMR

    What do all of you think about about Hunter's business partner confirming that Joe Biden took money from China while he was VP? WTF?

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    My gf and I voted together yesterday then got brunch together ❤

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    Biden’s. Laptop Matter. BLM ✊🏾

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    This is what happens when you try to cancel TikTok 😎

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    is this true? sounds good but after all it is fake news cnn
    Trump2020 / Cruz 2024/ joe biden for dog catcher 😂😂😂

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    "A nation arises by it's justice and it is Lowe red by its malcness"

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    yes the strong youth is showing up, that is why conservatives are crushing early voting and it is being shown there are more conservatives waiting to vote in person on the day then libs. the libs arent showing up now, and the ones that show up in the actual vote will be fake printed ballots by china and other biden payees…

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    MAGA madness? Yes that sounds right.

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    American people "you know the truth and the truth will free you" For whoever when someone refuses to admit the truth, he will eventually sink into the lie until he dies.

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    Lies, from the leader in #Fakenews .

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    Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Karena Virginia, Bridgit Sullivan, Tasha Dixon, Mindy McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jennifer Murphy, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Cassandra Searles, E. Jean Carroll, Amy Dorris

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    Texas young voter here, voted Biden along with everyone I know in my age group. Time to get this clown out of office and clean house in Washington DC. We are going to have to shut down the White House for a month for some deep cleaning and get the spray tan out of the walls and the stench of nepotism out of the carpets!

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    Anyone see the "youth" out in Philly last night????

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    More young people voting in 2018 gave the House back to Democrats imagine what even more vote this year can do! Bernie's Bros for Biden!!

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    conservatives let folks know hey vote and tell them what's good. Dems escort them to the ballet to make sure they vote how they want them to.

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    college republicans 🤮

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    CNN hates the American people.

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    H&L Aluminium Engineering

    Come on people, its a no-brainer, Donald Trump is the last hope for the civilised world. From South Africa.

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    Trump 2020 baby! I voted for Trump just so I can watch all you liberals lose your mind for the next 4 years. It's hilarious!

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    No video about the violence in Philly yet, weird

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