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STRIPPING Juggler SHOCKS Judges On Holland’s Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

Watch Jongleur Bart’s hilarious audition that shocked the judges on Holland’s Got Talent 2019!

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    Welcome to another video of "no one will ever see this comment" part 9, I'm your host Origami Kid.

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    I want to jump through the screen to make my talent their!!

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    Pretty hot tho…. No denying it and no homo

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    Perhaps you don t know what talent means!!!

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    steady, subscribe back okay. greetings from Aceh

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    Nice video 👍👍👍👍😋

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    What were they talking about not liking it? Cute, nice body, talented, totally worth a golden buzzer XD

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    Ich würde das noch mehr genießen, wenn Sie die automatische Untertitelung auf Englisch einschalten würden. YouTube stellt es kostenlos zur Verfügung. I would enjoy this even more if you turned on automatic closed captioning in English. YouTube makes it available for free.

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    Awesome act!!! (Music was shit)

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    Hmm what would happen if I wanted to do it

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    I would only say yes if he agree to be mine. 😀😁😍🤩

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    Meanwhile on America's Got Talent:
    Singer, Singer, Singer, Singer, Comedian, Singer..

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