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Striking Alberta health-care workers ordered back to work

Hundreds of Alberta health-care workers were ordered to return to work after they walked off the job to protest planned job cuts. 

Read more: www.cbc.ca/1.5776855

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  1. Avatar

    you cannot bend costs how about system disruption in positive way cut the bias left right center develop

  2. Avatar

    Abolish this federal government, dissolve relations with Britain and the crown, Dissolve RCMP..
    All the provinces separate and form their own governments elected by the citizens of each province. Form a new trade deal throughout the provinces. Simple balances and offsets that will ensure prosperity for each province… Capitalism and Democracy with standing constitution and civil liberties put back into place.. Provincial policing that is held accountable by their very cities and townships, obviously shared information on known criminal activities… A shared expense towards border control. Immigration is Controled by each province and moving between provinces should be monitored for safety, but this would happen with normal registration of citizenship, licensing, business, home, vehicles. Not To DiFFICULT!,,,,

  3. Avatar

    Jason Kenney must go. He is destroying the federal Conservative and Alberta. Oh, btw, before you go, please explain to us why Ben Harper, a graduate student, is able to get 100k per year?

  4. Avatar

    But you know what? Albertans deserve this. They did neither want to turn left (NDP) nor stay at center (Alberta Party) but stick with Republican-style Conservatism. This is a total insult to Peter Lougheed and Don Getty.

  5. Avatar

    Tony Bobulinsky has evidence in the Biden Scandal

  6. Avatar

    WOW, excellent impactful near perfect, if not perfect. answers by Rachel Notley, I am truly impressed.

  7. Avatar

    Notley for PM !! …. she's a Fighter !!!

  8. Avatar

    Ah how nice CBC advocating for the Communism party.

  9. Avatar

    Here come more TicTic videos

  10. Avatar

    how can there be a need to fire during a pandemic?? and the loss of wages and pensions.. leads to less GDP growth.. the UCF is a sell out party.. the tax cuts will never pay for themselves nor ever create 50 000 in new jobs and now there will be less jobs in alberta..'
    maybe God was right to use the virus to show the UCF's true traitor colours.. the HCare workers should just walk off. and go to Ontario.. we will use u.. and leave the rich oil men to suffer with less HCare.. and then less Hcare for cops and all the who cares' about others types..// UCF is a liar govt that does not want higher GDP in alberta.. and i agree with the decision to bankrupt the province and no more bailouts to them from the feds.. no more mercy.. none../

  11. Avatar

    Ahh! Conservative brilliance again. Privatization does not gain savings when measured against the quality. Of work. Hey guys week one walk out, week two appear at provincial courts demanding punishment. Make sure to pack your suit case and bring the kids along. Continue with strategic disobedience. Refuse to recognize legal pressure, instead demand prosecution. (Use Gandi tactics). Hey if the workers are not working full out fire them make sure you do it across board do it to fire fighters – they don’t always work.

    Let the business boys take care of your care. Very unfeeling. I’ve been there. Oh yes the PPP (Private, Public, partnership) had major cost over runs in Ontario. Profiting off illness is poor form. I always liked to reinvest any profits back into the system.

  12. Avatar

    where the UCF won the most votes.. walk away from their hospitals.. and leave the province.. leave and be winners not slaves

  13. Avatar

    Where's Hunter Biden?

  14. Avatar

    What about hunter ?

  15. Avatar

    You don't seem to worried about all the oil field worker pay

  16. Avatar
    blackwidow ALibaba

    no money. how can the government pay these ? The health worker got very high pay.

  17. Avatar

    Move to China or North Korea.

  18. Avatar

    All parties are just ignorant UN contractors playing with taxpayers dollars!!! Such a waste UCP NDP LIbs !!!

  19. Avatar

    Motley did nothing for Alberta when she was given the chance. They are NOT healthcare workers and we are sinking, someone’s got to take a salary hit in the public service. No one is working Notley, at least not the non-union ones, which she knows nothing about nor did anything for while in power for 4 years. Pro union socialist Notley mentality didn’t work for Alberta as a whole and given our fiscal outlook, I’m happy she isn’t at the helm right now. She is famous though for screaming half truths and her pro socialist followers lap it up.

  20. Avatar

    US style health care in Alberta. Socialism for the Corporations but Capitalism for the citizens.

  21. Avatar

    Ordered back to work? I thought this was a free country?!

  22. Avatar

    Gotta love how the politician dodges the questions…. a simple yes or no woman!

  23. Avatar
    FreedomFighter 2017

    , then replace these slackards with competent professional caring people with a sense of honor, duty and commitment

  24. Avatar

    Largest deficit because they choose to spend/waste money in a dying industry giving tax dollars to socialize the oil industry.

  25. Avatar

    Arguing with conservatives is like catching fish in a barrel.

  26. Avatar
    Frustrations of Humanity

    The phrase, “ being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society “ , is very true here, the workers are just trying to survive, like everyone else they only know what they know and put their energy towards what is important to them according to their perception. Trolls that are cheering negative consequences for people that did not harm anyone who were trying to draw attention to injustice, missed the fact that the workers do not make any decisions regarding how the system operates or how things are managed. At the time of actual real slavery there were still people who “didn’t know they were slaves” , it wasn’t until concerned people decided to put up resistance that some of them realized something was wrong. No one enjoys being subjected to a negative environment where intimidation is rewarded and hard work is never enough. Where money is the only objective. Perhaps people with influence didn’t want the perception that maybe the pandemic situation wasn’t as bad as hit has been advertised.

  27. Avatar

    Does anyone have a link to the "500 nurses who got lay off notices in the last couple weeks" ?? All I could find are articles from March urging them to hold off lay-offs, and articles from November 2019 talking about future cuts and lay-offs.

  28. Avatar

    Good for you Rachel. They are going to throw the system into chaos. Who does what when and how much they will be paid. Big questions. This is BS> Saying that they should layoff house keepers and janitors because some goons in the oilpatch lost a lot better paying jobs. They might still have jobs but they will be paid less, while the company figures out how to squeeze more profit out of the payouts they are getting from the gov.
    The best way to tighten the belt is to get people to wear masks and do the social distancing. From here on in I don't care how much money they have to spend to get the pandemic under control. All those big shots that don't want to wear masks and are spreading the virus can pay the extra costs the health care system is incurring treating it.

  29. Avatar

    The One-Trick-Pony Conservatives. When you have no clue what to do, make a cut.

  30. Avatar

    Back to work or back to Asia, Africa or the Middle East. Dumbest country ever.

  31. Avatar

    Get back to work you slugs

  32. Avatar

    Yeah, get back to work, so Jason Kenney can fire you properly.

  33. Avatar

    Jason Kenney/Tyler Shandro: "You cannot strike because you have a collective agreement and you must stand by it."
    Also Jason Kenney/Tyler Shandro: "We can tear up a collective agreement unilaterally at our leisure."

  34. Avatar

    I know many Albertans that support the health care workers position on this.

  35. Avatar

    Of course it was fine to strike and they should keep doing it because the stress of losing their jobs is not OK!!

  36. Avatar

    Alberta treats Covid the same way they do Oil. Just can't get enough!

  37. Avatar
    Classic Oilers hockey

    Even though your getting laid off in abit,just listen to government and go back to work and keep taking it up the a@@.
    Everyone else is

  38. Avatar

    Screamin Rachel and the 4 years of NDP garbage caused this… how convenient people forget. Kenny is just trying to clean up NDP mess. P.s. Defund the biased CBC, they are pure trash 🤢

  39. Avatar

    Who is this twit! These people live hand to mouth and he figured they should be hero's but paid like slaves! The framing of his questions are disgusting!

  40. Avatar

    Ordered them!!! But they want them out !!?

  41. Avatar

    "Tighten our belts". Spoken like someone getting paid by the government.

  42. Avatar

    We are going to lay you OFF —— HEY YOU CAN'T STRIKE ! WTF <<<WTF <<<<WTF

  43. Avatar

    Alright, every party has screwed us at some point. Enough with this crap. They all suck.
    The fact of the matter is,
    Stelmach f_cked us, and Redford finished us. Anyway you look at it.
    The cow is dead. Stop trying to milk it.

  44. Avatar

    Alberta is screwed. Dirty oil is not going to sell in today's climate crises. Fighting with China is causing serious damage to it's agricultural sector. What is it's manufacturing base? For a while it's economy shone. Things have changed to quickly for it to respond.

  45. Avatar

    It just amazes me why people continue on voting for conservatives conservatives means three things stagnation starvation and misery remember Harper he did nothing for this country for 8 years except closed hospitals to save on money and build prisons so you can lock up the people like you that are protesting the loss of your job

  46. Avatar
    Sophie Greenwater280

    The worst part is not about people losing their jobs it’s about the quality of care you are going to receive when you’re sick. To say support workers don’t have anything to do with quality of care is just wrong. Do you want to visit a hospital during a pandemic that has less people on cleaning duty then your local grocery store?

    Just the idea that contracting out services is going to save money is ignorance. Your literally adding a group of people to the mix whose sole purpose is to make money.

  47. Avatar
    Be Truthfull Informed

    Alberta pay 17% more per person on health care than BC or Ontario, and they have younger populations. In addition they have longer wait times etc. People in Alberta, are tired of the waste. The AMA, Medical unions and government unions were allowed to grow at 5% a year, under NDP leadership. Now tax payers want health care spending to come down. Some people were convinced by the union influencers to strike to create a news event to help the elites in the unions and NDP governments. Now this workers could face disciplinary measures, And of course UCP leaders would not join your CBC show. In the west 80% of people have no respect for the CBC. CBC is losing billions.

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