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Strictest Covid-19 lockdown imposed on Greater Manchester after talks collapse

Not to act now would put the lives of Manchester residents at risk, declared Boris Johnson, as he announced that the whole of Greater Manchester would be put under Tier 3 restrictions from the end of this week. (Subscribe:

But it’s still not clear how much financial support is still on the table after talks with civic leaders broke down without agreement. The Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham could barely contain his anger, declaring that “we need to carry people with us, not crush their spirit” – and warning of a “winter of hardship” ahead.

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  1. Avatar
    germania garmania

    Thats Boris stick: stare it down. Pitty viruses have no eyes and don't watch TV.

  2. Avatar

    Yet so many choose to vote for these right wing tory leaders

  3. Avatar

    Shocking evidence showing Italian youths forced to sit in a classroom for 5 hours a day with the windows wide open. In order  they don't freeze or fall ill with pneumonia, they are obliged to bring their own thick blankets from home to keep themselves warm. This is your governments !"New World Order".
    This already common practice in Germany, especially at primary schools.
    Expect this in your own country real soon! 🤮🤮🤮

  4. Avatar

    Did he not buy Manchester, it must be the only city north of London that got a taste of how many towns and Cities are rewarded in the south of England for their support for the Tories, Wales then Scotland and in last place N.Ireland, unless they need them their help.

  5. Avatar

    People should start using alkaline as a preventive measures to stop the spread of the deadly virus , alkaline just with simple garlic , Ginger and lemon boil them with hot water ,filter it and drink 3 times a day whether you have COVID 19 or not you will be free from the virus and live your normal life again , thank you all

  6. Avatar

    The Tories disgust me playing poker with people's lives like this. I can't say I've ever been a supporter, but whatever goodwill they earned up here during the early days of the pandemic has now rapidly evaporated.

  7. Avatar

    Well done to Manchester for not accepting anything less than what is needed. And long may you resist . You have the backing of the good people across the country. Anyone who complies is weak and deserve to be dictated to. Stay strong 👍.

  8. Avatar

    The death knell of party politics. Not before time.

  9. Avatar

    Protect the NHS what a joke, they don't want the NHS they want everyone paying for the health services. Do the tax-payers get the £billions they gave to their Serco friends who know nothing about it.

  10. Avatar

    be proud about ANDY he a great human being build a statute to him

  11. Avatar

    Channel 4 showing their true colours with all this divisive language.
    If infection rates go up and there are more deaths, do we blame Andy Burnham or the government?
    Is that a serious journalistic question?
    Come on, pull the other one.

  12. Avatar

    wake up sheeple this whole ccp wuhan cv2/aka covid is all a sham,scamdemic,plandemic ,where are all the influenza data,covering it up and calling cases covid19..bull sh*t..https://youtu.be/ezHRujfum3A

  13. Avatar

    Johnson isn’t a stupid man he knows exactly what his doing , it’s a war on the ppl , a cull , that’s why some many old ppl died during the lockdowns , when the elderly ppl had hospital appointment they was fast tracked without any testing & sent back into these “care homes “ where they pasted on the flu virus to they’re friends , Johnson , HandCOCK et al should all be strung up for their crimes against humanity , it’s all about the “ magic vaccine “ , it’s a scam , SERCO is making a killing for the queen & the rest of the parasites that’s in on it that’s why HandCOCK gave one one word answer “ NO “ when he was asked last week in the westmonster whorehouse “ if he’d shut the millions of pounds being wasted on SERCO for the comedic test & trace program down

  14. Avatar

    lives and livelihood

  15. Avatar

    We need oasis and we need them now

  16. Avatar

    What I Truly cannot understand is why people are still thinking and arguing on this piece of paper that they call "money"… capitalism is collapsing and I Love it!!!!! Hahahaha

  17. Avatar

    Complete Non-story ! (nothing to see here, move on)

  18. Avatar

    Wonder if the damage the mayor brought to health is measurable. Manchester get with the program, wasting time risking lives

  19. Avatar

    Abrahams – probably the nicest smile in politics.

  20. Avatar

    Let's play a game!
    If you stay at home you loose your job, business and house.
    If you go to work, pub, restaurant or cinema, you might loose your life.
    If this isn't a jigsaw riddle, I don't know what is!

  21. Avatar

    Same thing here in the US. I love England, take care.

  22. Avatar

    Don’t shut the gyms

  23. Avatar

    If Manchester actually respected the regulations in the first place, they wouldn't be on the receiving end of more restrictions. Follow the regulations or face the consequences.

  24. Avatar

    ‘ Love and prayers to the people of Manchester. ❤️ 🙏

  25. Avatar

    Manchester can only have a share of the money we would all like more?

  26. Avatar

    All this nonsense is to divert attention away from the false positive results that the testing is driving the fear of lockdowns – the absolute stupidity of expecting people to dob their friends and colleagues into a quarantine situation of people on the lowest income levels. All the people with the ability are taking their own measures to protect their future financial arrangements.

  27. Avatar

    Why is noone talking about Sweden who have not crashed their econlmy with lockdown and do not wear masks which everyone agreed at the beginning have no science behind them. There are no bodies piling up in the streets, <1% death rate is NOT a pandemic. The pcr test was developed in the 80s by a nobel prize winning doctor who stipulated it is not a diagnostic tool but picks up on dna markers for a variety of viruses, athsma and cancers. It does not test for covid 19. #kontrol19

  28. Avatar

    I don’t blame the mayor for trying to get the money the people of greater Manchester need.

  29. Avatar

    The North remembers.

  30. Avatar

    Fascinating, so play local councils against each other through withholding funding and make the people suffer for it.

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