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Street party takes over Liverpool ahead of citywide lockdown

Crowds of revellers gathered outside Liverpool’s pubs after last call, one day before the city’s new COVID-19 restrictions took effect. 

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  1. Avatar

    The UK government is too soft and don't have the police force to govern or control this type of behavior, It will simply continue to grow across the UK and become out of control.

  2. Avatar

    If I was that kind of person I would wish a newer mutation on these psychopaths!

  3. Avatar

    So the world is dying from a pandemic, and the government wants to shut down the bars so people got to go down sober….

  4. Avatar

    Superspreaders unite!!!

  5. Avatar
    Cheesychos Cheeto’s

    Most of them are blonde 🤣

  6. Avatar

    Heather is the ultimate prude. Another senior citizen bleach blonde bob-cut who patronizes us on the daily. Loser!

  7. Avatar

    I Blame the Chinese for all this trouble we have to go through

  8. Avatar

    Ayooooo That party last night was freakin wild I was there smashed trying to dance with the bartender

  9. Avatar

    There is no good solution to any of this

  10. Avatar

    How is a capitol city like London not leaps n bounds ahead of Liverpool in terms of infection rate? Underground tubes cramming people in like sardines. Jam packed city streets and stores. Im sorry, its just not believable for one moment.

    Humanity is being tested here, and your kids are witnessing you fail

  11. Avatar
    sportscaracing canada

    They were BLM protesters

    There now they can't be arrested

  12. Avatar

    British accent not so intelligent after all…

  13. Avatar

    I realize that the disease has no dangerous visible symptoms, but imagine it was even more serious than just a virus. Is this a generation our children can rely on!!! Just asking if a party is worth it.

  14. Avatar

    Scousers show the way forward, protect the vulnerable and let the rest of us get on with life. Politicians your all bloody gobshites, my opinion

  15. Avatar

    Britain is at the forefront of this blatant "casedemic" fraud. The tests they use cannot, according to its inventor, determine illness.

  16. Avatar

    Young happy smiling people, oh no! We can't have that, it's almost as if they don't believe what politicians and mainstream media are telling them about this deadly virus that is only the flu, but I'm sure they will enjoy paying for it all for the rest of their down trodden lives.

  17. Avatar

    Who cares doesn’t do anything to them

  18. Avatar
    Blindman's Audit UK

    Go on Liverpool

  19. Avatar
    Vytautas Mitchell Plestys

    Nobody cares, it doesn't do anything to us. If you're so afraid stay at home and keep waisting your life

  20. Avatar

    Ahhh" the good old days of having fun " 😆

  21. Avatar

    Bunch of knobs. Should be fined 10 grand each

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    Let them party…Im good staying home and being healthy.

  24. Avatar

    Yet the party's in soho are fine and dandy

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