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'Stop the Steal' organizer says GOP lawmakers helped him with rally

CNN’s Drew Griffin reports the rhetoric of some GOP lawmakers are under scrutiny after the organizer of the January 6 rally that led to the siege on the Capitol says he got help from them.
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    Better go in hiding 🤯🤯😯😯😯

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    Schoon Family Ranch

    1 Corinthians 15:33 Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. CNN is evil communication.
    Proverbs 1:22 How long ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

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    All republicans who dont vote to impeach your names will go down in the history books as traitors for rest of time

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    I've always said that it was an inside job! The 3 GOP congressmen must be held accountable: RESIGN, or IMPEACH or EXPELL! Strip their privilege to run office again! They are thugs!

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    Good inside job

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    'Some of those that burn crosses, are the same that work forces!"

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    The Republicans involved have reason to sweat. Jail terms are prescribed for what they did, including the death penalty. Trump insisted on that.

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    The spectacular headlight parallely own because step-uncle especially whip excluding a spooky competition. cooing, deserted correspondent

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    I think these insurrectionists are the hippies from the 60s who did too many drugs and grew up
    with middle class economic expectations which failed

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    They should all be jailed for treason

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    When a politician says I can’t remember, or I don’t recall there lying

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    Ironic that these MAGA racists are following Henrique Torres and Ali Alexander who are black?

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    Yes. Of course there was 'inside' help. Purge the Republican Party the members of whom continue with the lie that 1) Trump's insurrection was insignificant and 2) that the election was stolen. Jordan, Hawley, Cruz et al must go.

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    I thought that Sammy Davis Jr. had come back to life

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    Damn…a black man.

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    GOP declared war on the U.S.A. with their actions of sedition.
    NO Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA !

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    Wow…in america you can't go after rightwing extremism for fear of alienating white voters…. what does that say about the USA….. NAZI anyone?

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    the very thought of an ethics committee in our government is laughable if it weren't so sad – everything is opposite in this world now brought to us by Davos – department of justice is just the department of lawyers on retainer on the public dime to defend rich people and make sure they don't go to jail – launder a few trillion dollars? well , that should cost you about 125 million dollars , manipulate the markets?? hmmm 900,000 or so, traffic a few children? get out of jail and be disappeared – on and on and on….meanwhile trump sits in office and his stupid followers (not the eric prince hired mercenaries), are going to jail.

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    Um what exactly is being stolen? Stupidest hashtag ever

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    Wth, you cant make this soap opera up.

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    Can we lock them up please

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    Bring them down

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    Charlie dent has a lot to do with the discourse we are at today… don't be fooled by news entertainers…

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    Purge the GOP ! catering to extremist voters is sick . so focused on power they forget what there elected to do! Or did they? Q anon plants?

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    Report on where Steve menuhin was on the 6th?

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    So Sammy Davis Jr. Is the help lead the stop the steal movement 🤔

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    Ali Alexander… better be looking over his shoulders… he just pissed off 3 GOP members… not a smart move. And he also is stupid since he publicly claimed he organized this event – he is partly responsible for the violence…

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    Yeah and unlike the black people white supremacists people if you don't do what they want you to do your fu@*$&!%! dead person.

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    trumps followers are weak

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    Your numbers are wrong 🤔

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    A call for unity after the failed coup. We need to fall back and regroup for the second attack.

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    08:40 the populist extremist wing is not a wing… it's the whole plane except a wing…

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    When Republicans say the American People don't want… Please don't include me… because I want all of you and Trump held accountable today, not tomorrow, today is not soon enough. Impeachment should have been done yesterday.
    ….better yet, Trump should have been impeached the 1st time and many Americans would be alive today.

    But who said no! Republicans SENATE enablers helped Trump obstruct Justice and disregarded the constitution.

    #Stop the stupid
    And vote for Improvement now.

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    😡 LOCK them all up, NOW! 😡

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    Trump, like Bush & Obama, made impeachable offenses – Chris Hedges

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    I live in Paul Gosar’s district. He is the MOST useless representative I’ve ever had the displeasure to be represented by. In fact, Gosar has NEVER represented me;. He’s always been extreme right, and completely non-responsive to the people he’s SUPPOSED to serve. He needs to.be expelled from Congress and held accountable for the part he played in the insurrection. I will celebrate the day this asshole goes to prison.

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    BREAKING NEWS: Vladimir Putin release statement distancing himself from President Trump. Kremlin statement said Putin: " .. never met him"

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    So finally the real swamp monsters are being caught. LOL.

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    Trump will go down as the WORST & MOST DISGRACED PRESIDENT IN HISTORY! Anyone still associated with him will also lose value and respect!

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    Is no one going to correct Drew Griffin that it is "Mo Brooks" (that heinous POS Senator from Alabama) and not the legendary comedian "Mel Brooks" (who is also Jewish and NOT an anti-Semite) that helped organize the riot? Anyone?

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    Mitch mcconnell caused Mitch mcconnell to lose his leadership.. Trump just helped

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