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‘Stop putting kids in jail’: Indigenous boy asks the UN to help end youth incarceration

‘I came here to speak to you because the Australian government is not listening’, 12-year-old Indigenous boy Dujuan Hoosan told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. ‘It [the government] never listens to kids like me but we have important things to say,’ he said. Speaking on behalf of the Human Rights Law Centre, Hoosan spoke of his struggles engaging with the Australian school system and the importance of Indigenous-led education. ‘I want my school to be run by Aboriginal people. I want adults to stop putting ten year old kids in jail’, he said. His journey is featured in an upcoming documentary In My Blood It Runs which looks at how Australia’s education system fails to incorporate Indigenous history and learning.
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I am cheeky, but no kid should be in jail. This is why I addressed the UN at just 12 years old ►

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    Australians should apologise for climate change denial and oppression against Aborigines right now or they're fired

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    Do the crime. Do the time.

    Best way to avoid prison is not to commit crime.

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    Do the crime do the thyme. 🌿

    Thyme Magazine 🌿

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    I find the best way to ensure you don't end up in jail is simply to not commit a crime
    Being indigenous doesn't exclude you from that simple bit of logic

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    It is really easy ,stop breaking the law and you will not be put in prison..mind blowing huh?!

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    Dujuan Hoosan for Australian of the Year. what a legend

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    I’m confused what is the problem with the world. Is it white people, is it Europeans , is it Americans, I don’t know who is the issue. I think it’s white people but then I look at myself, and I’m like it can’t be me

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    Guy fawlks should of gone for media that the true currption of this country

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