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Stephen Moore, Robert Wolf break down Trump and Biden's economic agendas

Former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf and FreedomWorks economist Stephen Moore break down Joe Biden’s vs. President Trump’s economic agendas on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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  1. Avatar
    almaz teklehaimanot

    Make America Great Again ! Trump 2020 !!!

  2. Avatar

    Wow two guys with opposing views who didn't act like asses…. History folks

  3. Avatar

    I'm okay paying a patriotic tax but we never fought the enemy. They attacked us indirectly and we let them get away with it while still doing business with them. What kinda crap is that? So unless we do something about that I won't be okay with this tax. It's like having a bully beat me up and then I have to foot the medical bills while the bully gets a free ride home.

  4. Avatar

    Tax increases are always paid for by the middle class regardless of who is 'hit' by them. Instead of $2 trillion stimulus how about a year long tax holiday for everyone.

  5. Avatar
    Professional Grade

    Hmmmm still no reply on my Question so I'll ask again DO ANY TRUMP SUPPORTERS THINKS BEING 4 MILLION IN DEBT IS A GOOD THING FOR A PRESIDENT? Helloooooo….is this thing on make your debate known So history can put you down. Would you open an account at a bank if there slogan was we are 4 Million in debt. Please answer make it known you would….hellooooooo( echo) trump supporters hellooooooooo anybodyyyyyyy(echo)

  6. Avatar

    Why isn't joe biden in jail yet? The hunter laptop was confirmed as real by fox today. Also noticed google / youtube are banning/suppressing tucker's 10/16 episode . Anybody else seeing this?

  7. Avatar

    Glad my taxes won't go up under Biden and I won't lose insurance due to pre-existing condition. In which case I literally die

  8. Avatar

    THEY LIE !!
    A LIAR !
    A LIAR !
    GOT IT ???!!

  9. Avatar

    Biden teamed up with his son to sell US military technology to China and allow China to attack US. Biden cares about his Money first, not US national security. How can he be US president! Continue to sell US for money?

  10. Avatar

    Yeah, Bidens wants all the businesses to leave our Country ‼️So we the people have no work. Are you kidding me! The man cannot remember what he is running for, he don't know where he is, if you don't vote for biden you ain't BLACK. He is Lost! Great show Steve.

  11. Avatar

    Trump said he knows nothing about QAnon then followed that by praising them for helping children. And fox fools still think he doesn’t lie,

  12. Avatar
    Shelvis Patrick II

    So with Biden we looking at at a definite increase and at least 20%? So you are just going to breeze by that part?

  13. Avatar

    odeh hhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Avatar

    Why Joe biden, the Communism Democratic and fake news medias never blames China for giving Americans CCPVIRUS? ? We American people do not support or vote the Communism Democratic party and fake news medias because they are belong to the Communism China 👹 they create fear and hatred and Communism to the world 😷 😱! GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND AMERICAN PEOPLE TO DEFEAT THE COMMUNISM DEMOCRATIC PARTY 💙

  15. Avatar

    I liked that. Two gentlemen who are on opposite sides of the isle(I'm assuming), and they were completely nice to one another. I wish it could be that way for both Republicans & Democrats but it can't when one side is hell-bent on destroying our country because they can't get their way ALL the time! 🙄

  16. Avatar

    Vote the Stable Liar out! 🔵🔵🔵

  17. Avatar

    Biden is Delusional and is clearly in a bad cognitive decline. Nancy Pelosi is planning on, if Biden wins, will invoke the 25th amendment to cut Biden from office, making Kamala Harris President. She's TOO RADICAL to be President of the United States of America. This is a free country, she will take away your freedom, government funding which is less than you're making now from your job. Corruption, Collusion from the get go 4 yrs ago.
    If I have to leave this country, I'm NOT going to be happy. They will make America look like Venezuela….. which is no longer the prosperous country it once was….. you can research it.

  18. Avatar

    I care for Your Soul. Please do not vote Democrat (a platform that hate GOD, killed millions of babies, promote LGBT, and put You in danger of facing eternal H*ll judgement). Please Pray for a GOD's Fearing president.

  19. Avatar

    Biden beat Trump in TV ratings by millions! And Biden went 1/2 hr longer than Trump. Ha Ha Ha!

  20. Avatar

    more job loss then any other president fact

  21. Avatar

    What has happened is young whites are not willing to work, the Hispanics are. DAVE

  22. Avatar

    Oh my god… 😂😂😂…Open your eyes
    Trump doesn't care about 215,000+ deaths
    The USA is chaired by an incompetent fool
    Vote This Liar Out
    😷 😷 Shame On Trump 😷😷😷

  23. Avatar

    Who here is for HERD IMMUNITY! Go Trump!! 👍

  24. Avatar
    Twitter The peoples obserer

    Save Abortion!!!!! Abort Democrat Populations asap….Save ABORTION!!!!!! Democratic Fetuses Only!!!

  25. Avatar

    Since 45 years what do you do for American people's joe Biden

  26. Avatar

    Stop lying to yourself not American peoples joe Biden

  27. Avatar

    Trump trump 2020

  28. Avatar

    Liar Trump out now.

  29. Avatar

    Well thats easy biden wants to put as much money 💰 in his pocket as he can

  30. Avatar


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