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Stefanos Tsitsipas hurts father with racket swipe in ATP Cup meltdown

Stefanos Tsitsipas’s father was left with a bruised arm after the world No 6 lashed out with his racket. The mid-match meltdown occurred during the Greek’s game with Nick Kyrgios at the ATP Cup. His father and coach Apostolos Tsitsipas was caught by Tsitsipas’s angry racket swipe as he reacted to losing the opening set on a tie-break in Brisbane. Speaking after the game Stefanos Tsitsipas joked that he had been ‘grounded’ by his father

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Tsitsipas hurts father and gets a telling off from mother in court meltdown ►

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  1. Avatar

    Tsitsipas hurts father and gets a telling off from mother in court meltdown ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jan/07/stefanos-tsitsipas-hurt-father-telling-off-mother-atp-tennis-court-meltown-nick-kyrgios

  2. Avatar

    he is quickly becoming unlikeable

  3. Avatar

    I’m confused, it didn’t actually look like it touched him at all

  4. Avatar

    Pathetic behaviour to say least… Never ever root for him even as a neutral if he is like dis

  5. Avatar
    Efrossini Giouleka

    Α, ρε Τσιτσιπα θεουληηη🤩

  6. Avatar

    This next gen players is bad example for children. Imagine you're yelling and cursing your father!? (Zverev).

  7. Avatar

    Y’all gotta chill. Accidents happen. He probably makes more money y’all ever will.

  8. Avatar

    Tennis is headed towards the dark ages with Medvedev, Kyrgios, Zverev and Tstsipas.

  9. Avatar
    סופגנייה - Donuts

    Because he was bad, he didn't even hurt a person sitting😂😂

  10. Avatar

    how could u say its fine…hahahha

  11. Avatar

    Just watched his latest video from the Gold Coast .. Pretty sure his dad has forgiven him. They are a beautiful, close family and understand each other perfectly. Anyway, nearly every player had some type of meltdown during this tournament .. must be something in the air lol.

  12. Avatar
    mariel moreno Patto

    Que tristeza , um talento desperdiçado pela arrogância, mal conduta , irresponsabilidade , mal exemplo para todos apaixonados por tennis , um esporte que preza pela educação , respeito . Com este tipo de atitude tinha que levar uma suspensão no minimo 1 ano foras das quadras . Babaca que merecias uma surra de vara de marmelo

  13. Avatar

    Maybe his father deserves this, many put their kids trough hell just to live their own dreams. I bet Agassi wanted to do this a few times…

  14. Avatar

    illegitimate children like you will never be at the top

  15. Avatar

    What a shitty person

  16. Avatar

    As Elton says, 'Always seems to me, sorry seems to be the hardest word' …

  17. Avatar

    See! If Serena behaved like this, she would’ve been smoked but men in tennis get away with anything. Even as violent behaviors as these. Not the first or last!!

  18. Avatar

    Lol, you can tell at 0:09 that he was seriously contemplating on hitting him.

  19. Avatar
    giorgos papadopoulos

    stefanos tsitsipas is always a stupid clown …

  20. Avatar

    That's not acceptable at all. Sorry acting like that in front of your father is plain disrespectful. No excuse. He will not win a grandslam if he acts like that.

  21. Avatar

    jpp la réaction du père

  22. Avatar

    Steroid anabola greek going crazy

  23. Avatar

    Remember nick kyrgios breaking 3 rackets in a row lol

  24. Avatar
    Ze Life Of Elliott

    Looks like Federer in his young age

  25. Avatar

    Stephanos vs. Serena Williams would be a angry tennis showdown for the ages

  26. Avatar

    Damn, he’s been a bit angry this year huh

  27. Avatar

    He is such a looser.

  28. Avatar

    That's why this guy won't even win a single GS in his whole career… Mark my words…

  29. Avatar

    Okay for those defending the behaviour. First of all, he’s not that young. People his age are already in universities. Second, people saying Zverev is also immature is on point but we’ve seen him transform and grow and really try. Third, Yes I agree. Thiem is the only one with grace and elegance among the new batch of greats. He also never acted like this when he was 21.

  30. Avatar

    He was not aiming at his father obviously..
    Haters grab the opportunity to hate, so pathetic

  31. Avatar

    It happens ?? Is it funny to you ??

  32. Avatar

    Ground your son tsitpass for life

  33. Avatar
    Nicholas Grammatopoulos

    He is shy and not so comfortable speaking in public. He was always like that and that's okay, I'm sure he apologized later. I'm this way too, I'm just not comfortable speaking in front of people. Don't judge people like that ffs.

  34. Avatar
    Charlie Charlie

    What a tosser

  35. Avatar

    That moment when his dad realize he should’ve pulled out.

  36. Avatar

    Spoiled brat.

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