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Squash seeks recognition in famed NYC rail station – BBC News

Although 20 million people play squash around the world, it is not an Olympic game. The Tournament of Champions being held in New York’s Grand Central Terminal hopes to bring more recognition to the sport.

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  1. Avatar

    I love playing with balls, this is perfect!

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    I just told you please adopt me

  3. Avatar

    This is what our sport needs, this tournament has been going on for years but now only just being recognised by the media.

  4. Avatar

    How's about this then, so many balls I'd be there in a flash!

  5. Avatar

    You guys should have wrestling matches instead.

  6. Avatar

    I will stop and watch a boxing match

  7. Avatar

    Didn't they make carlitos way here

  8. Avatar

    Is this the original sport of America’s racketball?

  9. Avatar

    The sport is typically played indoors in a box with 2 people and spectators can hardly see the ball. Hard to imagine it getting much bigger.

  10. Avatar

    Why block the way? Sod off. Commuters crave for seconds.

  11. Avatar

    Dear BBC News,
    Thank you for posting.
    Over here we to call it "Raquetball".
    My sister and I used to play once in a while.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong..
    But.. 🙄
    Isn't "Squash" the old school name for this game?
    🥜 <– a squash
    "The ball was over the line. You said anything over the line is a foul."
    – Tom Hanks
    Quote from the movie:
    Love in 💕
    Michigan, USA
    Peace 🌿🕊
    For the hate comments:
    I never got my wishes from the Zoltar machine either. 😪
    You're not alone.

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    Best sport in the world.. SQUASH, highly fun and exigent

  13. Avatar

    the only reason i would watch this, is in hopes someone will get a racket to the back of the head.

  14. Avatar

    Let's be honest its great to play.rubbish to watch

  15. Avatar

    can u take your middle age crisis ambitions someplace else? im trynna walk here!

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    Should be inside St Patrick's, after all sports is the new god and the players the new archangels

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    Hi all friends! Who else like ? And who else dislike this game???? Tell why !!!

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