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Special report: Manchester pushes back

Jason Farrell spent the week in Manchester to find out why the arts community is so opposed to a Tier 3 lockdown.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has accused the government of treating the region as a “sacrificial lamb” and vowed: “We aren’t going to be pushed around anymore.”

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  1. Avatar

    Labour sound like Democrats from states complaining about the government not controlling the virus and when it tries to do something stop them from doing it….mindless

  2. Avatar

    These "Lockdowns are good/I'm alright Jack" commentators are gonna squeal loudest when tax rises and wealth taxes arrive. When the stock market realises a big% of economic activity is not coming back we will be more 'all in this together'. Tick tock….

    Unless we shelter the vulnerable and reopen the economy.

    Age Group Probability of Survival
    0-19: 99.997%
    20-49: 99.98%
    50-69: 99.5%
    70+: 94.6%

    Isn't Covid just the flu and old age rebranded?

    Useless tests (even the inventor says they're not fit for Covid diagnosis).
    No sign of a vaccine. No guarantee of a vaccine (common cold, HIV, ineffective flu vax etc.).
    No end in sight unless we choose the Swedish approach.

  3. Avatar

    ORDER OUT OF CHAOS- Wave 1: Create a virus and introduce the sheep to a worldwide shut down and see how they react. After a few months, let the sheep go back to work and live their "normal" lives. (P.S. – Make sure the sheep receive free money. So, they know that we, the government, can be trusted and they will always rely on us for everything) Wave 2: Another worldwide shut down late the same year. More testing on the sheep. More problems and “solutions” will take place. Wave 3: The sheep is ready for whatever the government decides is the "best" for the sheep. Government leads the sheep to the abyss of hell.  lambs to the slaughter ..

  4. Avatar

    Just end the bloody lockdown – and save MORE lives than keeping the lockdown!

  5. Avatar

    Good on them

  6. Avatar
    Mediterranean Diet

    There is NO surge in infections. NO second wave. There is only an increase in false positives from using the meaningless PCR test that cannot detect infections.
    We have already reached the herd immunity threshold required to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19.
    The imaginary second wave https://youtu.be/9EAbR4WKJpM

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Just let everyone carry on then refuse medical treatment to anyone with Covid then see what happens

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Look at the crowds on the streets at 10pm… Leaving pubs bars etc where everyone was social distancing until they were all kicked out at the same time .. Where is the common sense in this charade? .. By the way has Boris walked from EU trade talks? .. Or is this a distraction

  11. Avatar

    Who’s the singer and name of the song, she’s incredible,, what a voice

  12. Avatar

    what happened to allie sherlock, is she still begging on the streets?

  13. Avatar

    End the Covid Dictatorship.

  14. Avatar

    BS. Mr Burnham advocated for a full national lockdown.

  15. Avatar

    Its not the goverment lol echo

  16. Avatar

    dint Sunak suggest to the Art people to reTrain

  17. Avatar

    We are not CATTLE to lock up when a small minority says so

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Shame he never pushed back on illegals

  20. Avatar

    Be sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour

  21. Avatar

    On the 6th day God created Manchester- then robbed his nan after spending the night.

  22. Avatar

    And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more in thee…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sourceries were all nation's deceived.' Rev. 18

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  24. Avatar

    Interview more piss-heads!

  25. Avatar

    This is what needs to happen it's all a fraud

  26. Avatar

    Lancaster and Wyre areas are currently at the bottom end of of the Covid charts but we will be in level 3. Now Lancaster University has offered to pay for foreign students flights to come here!!! Are they taking the piss? They have turned our city into a totally student accommodation city and the University are more concerned with finances than the risk to the residents and students. The government is more concerned with passing very lucrative contracts to their chums than trying to get through this as safely as possible, so what if the sick and elderly die off, it'll save on sickness benefits and pensions. Yes that's the low esteem I hold this disgraceful government in. I'm 65, ill and pissed off.

  27. Avatar

    I just don't think that folks realize how deadly covid19..

    And if just followed this back to normal will occur faster

    And 4 folks who say that's what we are dont care if u die

  28. Avatar

    I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. It makes more sense to risk the small possibility of death than living in a totalitarian nightmare.

  29. Avatar

    Only nice thing about UK is the countryside. !

  30. Avatar

    It's the end of the world, ar yes it's the end!

  31. Avatar

    Covid is all about control.

  32. Avatar

    We Need to Stand Up And Not Let Them Destroy Us with A Hoax!

  33. Avatar

    Yes Manchester!

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    We need to start a revolution and end the tyranny

  36. Avatar
    International news truth seeker

    UK saved from a disaster https://youtu.be/o2GP-c4I6OU

  37. Avatar

    Why does that woman have to worry about clubs and pubs being open ?
    She doesn't have to go !

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