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Special needs families face back-to-school struggles

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the unique hurdles of families of children with special needs navigating remote learning as the pandemic stretches into the start of the school year.

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    Children aren’t going to fall behind being home even a year . They will be just fine at home. 🙄 The #1 reason parents want kids in school is for child care. This is ridiculous. Take care of your children teachers are not baby sitters.

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    Rivera Josue Isaac

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    Unknown TruthBein

    I clicked for those mom hips

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    Reneta Phillips-Butler

    Getting tissues for his mom❤️❤️❤️

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    I have 2 kids tht R in Special Education son 9 in 3rd Grade Son has ADHD, Son was in a very good Special Education School, He has got 3 Services in schools, He was doing way better in school, than wht I can do 4 him, Has Daughter shes in 2nd Grade Austic Spectrium, Both kids has focusing & concentration issues, They both gets so frustrated wth learning on the computer…..The school wants services on the computer now since we R @ home, Its not wrking @ all….I wrk nights, Come home & wrk wth both of them, Husband wrks during the day, Im stressed & very tired when I get 2 wrk……

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    The anti-maskers don't care about these people or the old or people with weak immune system.

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    I need a heart from ABC news

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    Milahan PhilosophersCorner

    Dark times.

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    My son can't go to school with his disability, so I lost my job 😭

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    Upset they have to take care of their own kids….

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    This one hits close to home. As a special needs mom the corona virus has definitely changed life so much for us.

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    They were not meant to be why not abort

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    *Rolls eyes at that music

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    Very stable genius Putin

    Thanks trump for making all this happen! #TRUMPVIRUS

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    That mom is thick asf

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    Everybody hates the deep state msm.

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    A lot of these kids have reached their learning limit. They can’t fall behind because they can’t move ahead. A lot of them should be staying at home Otherwise the school is just a glorified babysitter. otherwise the school is just a glorified babysitter. And that’s not being cruel that’s realistic. I’ve worked with some of these kids. There’s no reason for them to be in school because they can’t do anything anyway. They don’t even know where they’re at. They take up space for kids that need help.

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    Through the Looking glass

    It's not hard to keep kids from school. Keep them home

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    2:33 Wowzers Mama

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    Having a child with disabilities is hard but there was no question about letting her do virtual learning. She doesn't like it but she understands that she has issues with her health that prevents her from going. I hope all the parents hang in there.

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    Those kids are special to all of us.

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    Jasira & Jurmilda squad Chien-Hua

    I have a spacial needs and I some-time struggle on school on line but I’m getting batter right now! So please bless those kids that need help.

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