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Special forces storm tanker off Isle of Wight to end “suspected hijacking” – BBC News

British special forces have boarded a tanker off the Isle of Wight and gained control after a suspected hijacking.

Members of the elite Special Boat Service landed on the vessel by helicopter.

Seven people have been detained on the Liberian-registered vessel, which was heading for Southampton. The crew are said to be safe and well.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Duncan Kennedy.

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    7 more 'refugees' getting a free hotel room then

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    Mobbdeepak McMacaveli Shakoor

    On the 22nd April at a Downing Street briefing british armed forces general chief sir nick carter confirmed that the 77th brigade have been countering misinformation about the coronavirus, (which wasn't new news to many of us) it's obvious that what that really means is censoring the truth about coronavirus by using socially engineered comments to support the mainstream narrative and attack anyone that isn't buying the mainstream narrative, with petty attempts at insults and slander, like calling you a flat earther or a tinfoil hat nutjob for example, they also they also use distraction tactics, race baiting and anti-immigrant comments to cause division among the british public to make sure that we are not a united force when it comes to standing against the tyrants in the government, also they hide likes on comments which don't follow the narrative, and also hide or get comments deleted. There are around about 1,500 of these trolls based at Denison barracks in Hermitage, Berkshire.
    The 77th Brigade are traitors to the british people and to humanity.

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    9 minutes wow SBS are truly amazing

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    C R E W E X P E N D A B L E

  5. Avatar

    SBS best in the world

  6. Avatar

    I always love reports that start…here is a bloke standing in the rain because it is closer but still nowhere near where this event happened…

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    This was just a joint exercise between Nigeria and the UK 🇬🇧 to show them French fishermen what happens to anyone who pisses about in our territorial waters …………..wasn’t it??🤔

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    And they done that in this weather? Good job

  9. Avatar

    More than likely just the latest batch of illegal immigrants here to claim asylum.

  10. Avatar

    Those detained are currently being held at The Ritz.

  11. Avatar

    SAS and BBC = fine oil and nasty water.

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    Wow! That’s awesome.👍

  13. Avatar

    Obviously Putin

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    They must be taken to the nearest hotel

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    Great job Britain! This was good news indeed after watching a documentary and hearing about The Jedburghs, in a history of secret forces in general.

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    This should be happening to the dinghys before they enter british waters.. a then turned back to france ..

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    A top secret documents


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    gets everywhere that Facejacker feller

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    The stowaways were threatening the 2,000 immigrants on board so UK sent its finest. Never fuck with our smuggling operations!

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    Guarantee those SBS have practiced it a million times in COD 4

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    Silver Oak Law Chambers


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    It might be Jack sparrow 🤺

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    Why detain them? They're pirates and should have been shot.

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    Here we go, another false flag to distract the gullible masses & keep them in perpetual fear, cos they were waking up to the CONavirUS SCAMdemic.

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